Humor :-)

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Carb addiction starts early in life :grinning::rofl:

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OMG, that is sooooooo true!!!


Adrenaline rush followed by heart attack. :grin:



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Keto while Mexican :rofl:

(Although I’m not sharing my salsa with anyone who sucks it off the chips and double-dips.)


Not politically correct
Not keto
Not correct at any level but funny to see what used to be an “acceptable” ad

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(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #2183

That’s even better than my previous favourite: “My food eats your food, so I don’t have to!”

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Paul, that’s my sentiment exactly. Why should I make all those darn salads and so on, when the animals have already dealt with the vegetable matter?

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Well, aside from the mashed potatoes, this is an AMAZING ‘keto birthday cake’ :slight_smile:

link:(forum is eating it trying to find video type)

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More cauli-bashing in the name of humor

I don’t like cauli but chicken-fried-notrice and spanish-notrice aren’t bad at all

This couple put a lot of creative effort into their ITS NOT RICE message :rofl:

Ending outtakes are funny

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This is actually on sale atm on Walmart online --I am not buying it but took a screen shot to show all of you since I found it hilarious.

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This video is hilarious! I then watched a few more of their videos, they are really funny -thanks for posting this.

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The one on the lower left is the “olive and pimento loaf” that I remember from my childhood. My brother and I were just talking about that. We were raised on bologna, Velveeta cheese, etc.

But suppertime was different: huge helpings of meat and potatoes. My brother and I would sit for about 2 hours every night trying to force it all down. (Our sister and other brother didn’t seem to have a problem.)

Sorry, this is not humorous. But laugh if you must.