Huh?! - A little grocery item label humor

(Dawn Michelle) #1

I just want to know what “made with 100% beef” means. :thinking:

I actually held up the line at the grocery store so I could get these photos.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #2

Apparently all those other ingredients are ghost ingredients. They don’t count. Not even the sugar.


Means it wasn’t mixed with pork.

(Herb Martin) #4

Yes, even though it says “made WITH 100% beef” the implication is that it is “contains 100% beef”.

That’s still awful because most people won’t see the SUGAR COMING…

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #5

I’ve taken to making my own beef jerky to keep the carbs out. But it is so time consuming.

(PSackmann) #6

And fake grill marks to boot! Another strike against it


Well it didn’t say “real” beef… it could be one of these “manufactured” beef like ha-ha-ha

(Carol D) #8

As mentioned, it just means that the meat is 100% beef, not that 100% of the product is beef. :frowning:

(Heather Meyer) #9

What would a ghost ingrident be?


Ignore any claims where something says “made with”. It’s virtually meaningless and says nothing about what other ingredients might have been used.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #11

Cherry powder”? What in the–?

(Lauren G. ) #12

There are so many meat products that have hidden carbs. At restaurants and in grocery stores. There is a place near my work called BibiBop-it’s asian style chipotle-I looked up the allergen menu because I have celiac. ALL OF THEIR MEAT HAS GLUTEN in it! I personally don’t trust jack links-I don’t buy their jerky because the carbs are so high and it doesn’t make sense. 6g of sugar is pretty high too. It’s okay though-lesson learned right? This is all just a process of learning what works and what doesn’t. <3

(Charles Wood) #13

Soooo, where do you get good jerky? I can’t find any that doesn’t involve meat being soaked in sugar and I miss it…

(Herb Martin) #14

How is it time consuming?

I bought one of those $59 dehydrators on Amazon, get 3 lbs of round, take it to the butcher for slicing, and spend about 20 minutes dipping it in my simple salt/spice-rub and putting it in the machine.

Sure the machine takes 6-7 hours, but I don’t watch it or anything.

Takes about 5 minutes to pull it off the machine into plastic containers, and the worst part is about 20 minutes washing the trays.

Last time I did 2 batches (almost 7 lbs) and this only took a few extra minutes since some of the prep and all of the washing was already accounted.

7 lbs of jerky (maybe 3 after drying) last even me for a while

(Ok, about 4-5 days since I’m a carnivore. :smiley:)


US wellness meats has beef jerky that is sugar free. They also have a bunch of other meats you can order.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #16

I don’t have a dehydrator and use a electric smoker. Also I don’t have a butcher that can slice the meat. So all of that adds time. However I am converting the electric smoker to more of a dehydrator that can smoke and dehydrate. Not sure what to do about slicing the meat.

It is all good because homemade jerky is out of this world.


You’ll see a lot of burger places advertising “100% beef” or “100% White meat chicken” or whatever. They figure you know that the bun and toppings and cheese and such aren’t made of beef or chicken.

“Made with” indicates an ingredient that is in it. Sometimes this trick is taken a bit too far with marketing, and used it places less understandable.

(Dawn Michelle) #18

I’m inspired. I have a great food dehydrator, but have not made jerky. I will give it a try.

(PSackmann) #19

Keep an eye out at local thrift stores or eBay for a used deli slicer, then slice it partially frozen. Or cut it into manageable pieces, freeze slightly, and use a larger mandolin-type slicer to get the thickness uniform.

(Alec) #20

Did you note the best by date? (There’s the food inventory manager coming out…). Bloody stuff looks indestructible!