Howdie from New Zealand

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Hi folks!

Second time trying Keto. I was not committed the first time round and convinced myself that I was cutting out carbs (which I really wasn’t). This time round I am committed AND sticking to (or below) my 30g carbs per day limit.

I am two weeks in and did the Ketostix test today, which returned a nice, dark pink colour. That just reinforced my desire, and boosted my motivation, to stick to my guns and avoid carbs and shed 10kgs.


Welcome to the forum. I am formerly from Down Under, Australia, not New Zealand but I have traveled the North Island and have dear friends there as well. There are a lot of Aussies here. Check out the topics in Community, there is a New Zealand thread I would guess you aren’t the only one ketoing there.

Good luck on your keto Journey.

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Welcome to the forums! Please keep us posted on how things are going for you.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Hugo,

I myself am from New Zealand and also new to Keto. I am from Christchurch, how about you?

I am almost three weeks in with low ketone readings of 0.4mmol/L and trying to assess what changes need to be made to my diet.

I look forward to hearing your progress and eventual success.



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Hey Carl! I’m from Auckland. Today marks my 1 month milestone on Keto. I started watching what I eat maybe 2 weeks before going Keto, and as of this morning I am down around 12kgs. Not a bad result at all. I am going to create a post later today talking about my first month, so maybe keep an eye out for that :slight_smile:

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Hi Hugo,

When, or if, you have any questions, ask! There are lots of people on this forum with substantial knowledge and a helping spirit.

Best Regards,

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Hi kiwis, Wellingtonian Ketonian here :grin: been keto since September 2017.

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Hi guys. Ellie from Auckland here. Just found this fabulous forum :grin:. I’ve been LCHF for a long, long time but have decided to just go keto for, what I percieve to be are, enormous health benefits. I’ve just found a great source of ethically farmed free range pork crackling AND packs of lard from the same place. I’m really excited about the lard. It’s one fat I’ve not had a chance to taste yet. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post the name of the farm or online site here so if anyone is interested in how to access this goldmine just let me know. :grin:

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I’ve just found a great source of ethically farmed free range pork crackling AND packs of lard from the same place.

I am all ears! Tell me more.