HOW TO: Use a DARK color theme

(carl) #1

When we opened the forum, we opted for a dark color theme. It seemed to be easier on the eyes, and we had to choose one. We had some push back and decided to change it to a Facebook (white) theme and put up a poll to see how you liked it.

Many people like the black theme better, so we found a solution, at least for your desktop PC. Follow these simple instructions, clicking on the thumbnails to expand:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the “Install with Stylish” button

  3. The button will change to read “Stylish Installed”. Click on the Stylish icon in your toolbar.

  4. In the Stylish window, click the “Manage Styles” button

  5. You should only have one style installed. Click on the Edit button.

  6. Change the default domain to “” and press the “Save” button on the left.

  7. That’s it. Go back to to forum and will look like this!

New Color palette

So, if I do this on the desktop version, I can sync it to the phone? I installed on both but there’s no “edit” on the phone.

(carl) #3

Not as far as I know


Also, it might be easier for most members if you could use the “install from URLs” feature built into Stylish?
Like have the edited version at KF somewhere, or a page at

(Mark Myers) #5

Downloaded the Murder Mystery 2 but when click on Stylish icon, shows no styles availabble for this site.

(mwall) #6

You have to make sure the style is pointing to the corrent URL at the bottom of the right panel.