How to tell if you are adequately hydrated


It’s funny, I was just sitting here taking a break between a couple of large projects I’m working on, and just starting thinking about what is true thirst, hunger, etc. And actually just posted something along the same lines in the IF/EF Fasting thread. Basically speaking about how food smells, sights, etc. can make one break a Fast. And I get how/why some folks don’t even want to speak about foods for that reason.

But I was also just about to create a thread speaking about Hunger. … But as to ‘hydration’ I remember reading post where this was talked about, and it was mentioned that the words 'hydration, hydrate, etc. started being used more-so over just simply ‘thirst or thirsty’ when the selling of water became such a big deal. (I also have to mention that ‘buying’ water, is one of my only pet peeves. I HATE hate buying water! - It’s a commodity that I have always felt should be free & here it’s gotten so big for some folks.

A simple web search provides so much data, that none would ever be able to traverse it all. Such as the example shown below. … Nearly 8 million results? :flushed:

And when I looked at the water bottle I have sitting on the desk, I read the advert they love to stamp on all their products, explaining why ‘their’ product is just the bestest, grandest, thing ever, etc. I just shake my head. - Yep, I bought this one last week when I was out scoping/engineering a couple sites, and had accidentally left my ‘Glass’ refillable water bottle on my desk when I left. - So I do occasionally have buy one such as this, and simply use it for quite a while refilling it at home or the office. To which I generally also hear how one should not do this because it’s plastic, etc. I’ve also read up on this of course, but I also don’t leave them sitting out in direct sunlight, etc. And it hasn’t killed me yet, so, yeah…

But I do probably use the color of my urine as basically the only thing that brings hydration to mind.

Oh, and here’s that silly advert I spoke of. Not from mine, since a quick search provided one close to what mine says, and not sure I could get a clear image for posting. … But mine also adds; they one-up’d nature by adding electrolytes for a crisp, clean taste.



One CAN make pure drinking water from your urine LOL

so while we are told water is this or that and ‘to be bought’ and thru the horrors on this planet to be ‘water safety issues’ thru pollution, then FILTER is the key word for all of us, buy it, find regular ol’ ‘good water’ thru your tap or find you are one in ‘bad water issues’ and more but darn we can and will keep good water in our lives…won’t we? Or does no one care in full truths? Cause without water…and we are seeing massive changes in our water of course…so?

forget paying the mortgage on your home in the future but can one buy enough water to survive? Hmmmm

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Then, there is:

Bottled Water: Why It’s Bad for You, the Environment, and Water

The main reason that bottled water is bad for the water system is because of something called water mining. In simple terms water mining is the practice of a bottled water company going somewhere, drilling, pumping out groundwater, and then leaving, but it’s so much more than that.

Not to mention, the worst culprits are also spewing out the millions of gallons of sugar water that is a big part of the worldwide health crisis…


It’s somewhat like that, yes. And people can starve and get dehydrated this way if it doesn’t work well in them. It happens. But we normal people still can just eat and drink according to our urges… At least on the right woe. I soooo overeat on the wrong one, even with wrong items or timing…
(And no way I don’t eat or drink just because I am not hungry or thirsty… I consume things for joy sometimes :smiley: And it’s quite okay for plain tea :D)
So of course it’s not THAT easy for humans…

It’s worse with thirst, it seems. I’ve heard about many people who barely drank and had to force themselves to get some proper amounts… Odd.

I would hate buying water too (well one actually buys tap water, I doesn’t mean that) though I understand most tap water suck (I still managed to avoid buying water). I buy carbonated water though, they refill the bottles and it’s a small amount.

I had a house in a village (sadly I almost never lived there) and later town (it was funny, population over 15000 and it was a village :smiley: but it was village-like in most places) with the best tap water I ever had. It was soft, tasty, amazing! My tap water is okay tasting and super hard. And the people still bought lots of water in the supermarkets…

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Do you have the large ( in US 5 gal ) bottles? Much more economical than the 16-20 oz bottles we see the most of here.

Sometimes bottled water is absolutely necessary depending on the quality of the local supply…