How to stop bleeding AFTER keto


I was on keto for about two months and the whole time I had issues with bleeding and spotting. I loved keto but unfortunately had to stop because of this problem. Now I’ve been off keto for 16 days, but I am still having spotting issues. I wonder if anyone had similar experiences and how long it took to normalize again.


Women often have changes in their menstrual cycle from keto. It’s usually a great sign- when insulin starts to normalize so do a lot of other hormones- and then things calm down after the first few months. However, if you’re worried about spotting you should probably see a doctor.


I am going tomorrow and will request a PAP smear test to make sure there is no coincidences. I know I have no fibroids. I am pretty sure that keto has triggered the bleeding, but what worries me is that it didn’t stop after stopping keto.

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It will probably take as long for the hormones to return to their old balance as it did for them to move in this direction.

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Hormones rebalance on keto so bleeding issues are common in the first few months. Sounds like you were partway through things getting sorted when you quit and went back to what caused the problems in the first place… things do go whacky for a few months, but after that they get settled and better than before.

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I actually am post menopause and the second month my period started for about 3 hours! lol


I know about bleeding being a common problem on low carb diets, but my question was how long it takes to stop the bleeding once you are off keto. I figured some women might have experience going on and off keto and know the answer. For me bleeding for months is not an option, unfortunately. Never had problems before.


I think we’re kind of running in circles here. You think that low carb and keto cause bleeding, and the rest of us are saying that keto will tend to regulate hormones, which can result in changes to your cycle for a while.
Hormones are complicated, and eating will affect menstrual cycles differently in every woman. I don’t think you’re going to get an answer that will satisfy you unless there’s one person on here who’s had exactly your situation, and even then there’s no saying that her resolution will be the same as yours.
Eat in a way that supports your health and your cycles should regulate, but it might not be immediate. If you’re bleeding for months - well, that’s odd, and I would see a doctor (and I don’t say that very often!).

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I would venture a guess that anyone who had this issue and quit keto to resolve it also quit the ketogenic forum so may not be around to answer the question. I hope your doctor helps you get it resolved. I bled for months when on chemo and I understand it’s not easy to live with. Best wishes.

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Hey…I know its been a while since you posted this but I am facing similar issue only diff that for me spotting started a week after i stopped keto. I was on keto for 6 weeks ( the first time i ever tried) its been 3 weeks the spotting hasnt stopped and my cycle is delayed by over a week. I visited my doc and my ultrasound n bloodwork came out fine so might have to go for a papsmear. How long did it take your issue to settle down?


It didn’t settle on its own. I was prescribed hormonal pills to fix that. Keto affects our hormones, and I don’t believe that it’s necessarily good for us as many people claim. I liked being full while losing weight, but I will never go on keto again.

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Thank you so much for the response. I agree, i have also decided not to follow this diet ever again. I’d rather do it the old school way.