How to stick to keto and stop slipping off the wagon?

(Mourad Young) #21

you can stay all the time with keto…

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #22

They don’t forget, but keep reminding them so they will learn you are serious…


Go to sleep… :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

That’s my only advice for anyone trying to become fat adapted since the cells machinery and gut microbiome needs to switch over.

Carb loving gut microbes produce neurochemicals so the host (you) keeps consuming carbs. Gut microbes can’t control the host when it’s sleeping. Starve the harmful microbes.

Sleeping also repairs all cells including the gut cells from the damage the grains have caused.

Perhaps a sleeping diary is something you’d like to try. See how many hours you can sleep until there’s no temptation when looking at carbs.

Sleeping is like a hard reset for our body. Very healing.