How to get to your goal



As many of you know, I’m in a life coach training and loving it. I’ve made more positive changes in my life in the last few months than in the many years prior, and I’m eager to share some of the insights with this forum which has taught me so much. I’m working one-on-one with many folks right now (for free, actually, since I need to do free sessions until I certify in Sept) but I also wanted to start a thread to look at some of the issues that often come up when folks try to make a change in habits.

I’ll post thoughts on here and I welcome your questions!


There are tools in my coaching training that are unlike any I’ve seen before in my many years of study of habits and change because they go to the root of our habits, but the starting point is probably very familiar -

what is your goal? Write it down. Exactly what, and by when? A certain weight by a certain date or a particular A1C by a certain date are two simple examples. Don’t make it crazy but make it ambitious enough that it brings up some doubts in you. (Those doubts will be useful to you later! For now just notice that they’re there). You might just want “better health” or “to look and feel better” but find something measurable that will serve as your proxy for that more general goal, and write it down.
(Did I mention you should write it down?)


Why do you want to get to that goal? Write down EVERYTHING you can think of.
Then go back to each reason and do at least two more layers of whys.

For example

I want an A1C of 5.0


Because I want to reverse my pre-diabetes


Because it’s causing fatigue.

Why do you want to resolve your fatigue?

And so on…

Don’t worry if there’s overlap in some of your reasons. In fact, it’s fine if there’s a lot of repetition. You want to strengthen those reasons, activate those pathways in your brain.

Keep this somewhere you can refer to it because we’ll keep working with it.


What biometric measuring devices are required?


It depends on the goal (it could be weight, measurements, blood sugar readings…).