How to get articles

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After updating my laptop I lost a bookmark: it was a link to a form to retreive (preprints of) articles. One could fill in the doi number. I originally found the link on this forum and now can not find it again. Hopefully somebody can re-post it or send it to me. It is important for me as I do not have any other way to access the articles.

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I’m not sure it’s what you are talking about, but PubMed and Google Scholar are both good resources for scientific articles. If the full text of what you want to read is behind a pay wall and you can’t afford the fees, there is always SciHub.

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What specifically are you looking for?

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This is what was lost and now re-found. Thanks a lot, @PaulL :smile:

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Al kinds of articles, about a broad range of subjects that interest me. I want to read the full article mostly. Often the summaries of articles do not give the data I want to know.

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Not only that, but the summaries will quite often lie. The data might say that saturated fat has no correlation with CHD, but the summary likely will not.

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Indeed: I saw that a few times. Sometimes commercial, sometimes political.