How to Eat Fruit & Stay in Ketosis (Allulose) - Thomas DeLauer

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This just popped up on my YouTube home page. I’m fairly new to keto (8 weeks) so I don’t particularly want to do this experiment on myself just yet, but I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts/experiences on this!

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Much as I generally like Thomas DeLauer, I’ll also leave this experiment to him. I see no usefulness adding something you don’t need to eat so you can then eat some other stuff you don’t need to eat.

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For me, it’s more about reeeaaaally missing fruit. I would much prefer a bowl of fruit over all the ketofied chocolatey desserts/cookies/cakes any day!

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PS: I should add that I don’t think there’s such a thing as a ‘free lunch’. Without knowing anything more than what DeLauer says in the video, I would suspect that things are not quite as simple as he seems to think. There are likely hidden and/or unsuspected costs for this particular ‘free lunch’.

For example. Since ethanol and fructose follow the same energy pathways, would adding allulose to your bourbon enable to drink more without consequences? I think not.

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You’ll get over it. If you stick with keto long enough your attitude will slowly change from the stuff you ‘gave up’ to the better stuff you gained in exchange. :sunglasses:


Interesting… But while I like not too scientific explanations, I would like a bit more here.

I am not sure what would help this even if it’s true as many fruits are too sweet to begin with (my low-carb decade without sugar caused changes, yep but modern fruits are truly super sweet in most cases), adding a ton of sweetener? (2 tablespoons??? For a tiny snack? It’s the amount for a small cake for 2 persons in my household.) Hell no. Added sweetener may work with lemon but that’s not very sugary anyway.
And what’s wrong with eating fruit in moderation? Okay, okay, apple, melon and cherry, I get it. (Though why would a ketoer want to eat sugary fruits galore though… And staying in keto…)

When I started keto, I needed my daily fruit so I ate it. Mostly banana or raspberry or sour cherry. It was fine, 2-3g carbs, what’s the problem?
And in fruit season I quit keto, of course. I have a fruit garden and vegetarian keto was nice and not too hard but a little hard still.
After I tried carnivore, fruits became some distant, pretty much unneeded things (they are still awesome but let’s forget it, it’s April). I am sure most people should just eat proper food and developing new, better habits instead of being sneaky and eating the probably insanely sweet fruits+allulose combo. I do my best to become a different person until June comes with 4 of my top favorite fruits in my garden (not in small quantities at all). Just doing keto… Okay, my fruit consumption drastically lowered but not enough. I believe 2021 will be better.

@amwassil, I think this is like eating keto sweets with a ton of sweetener. Not good, not needed but maybe the one in question eat this or something way worse… It’s probably mostly for beginners. Or people who don’t want to train themselves not to eat too much fruit.

That was my thought too. I would like more about what happens with the blocked sugar. And it still sounds wrong. I do my best not to eat sweeteners as those aren’t food. It’s surprisingly easy now, carnivore blocks my desire towards sweets.


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This is pretty much the reaction I was expecting to be honest! :joy:

I do agree @Shinita, adding sweetener to already sweet things seems absolutely bonkers!
Do you eat in-season fruits in summer then? And how did that affect your weight and other health markers etc?
Perhaps that’s something I should try instead, mimicking how us humans used to eat a bit more, just one or 2 months of the year having a bit of fruit here and there (although I totally get that the fruit we eat now is nothing like the fruit we used to eat, sadly…).

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I was never much of a fruit lover. My weakness was bread and pasta. Sure, I missed them at first, but not any more.

I have a friend who has achieved her keto goals and continues with keto. She says she can now eat bread or a potato once in a while and be fine. I know I can’t do that. I’ve tried – many times. In my case, I’d call it carb addiction.

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I will eat some fruit, mainly berries, in season. I can also eat bread and potatoes and not go crazy, though. Even pizza.

Now, ice cream…a different story. That’s why if I eat ice cream, I try to buy it out and eat it out. Don’t bring any home. But with covid, that’s been an issue.

Over time, the desire for these has lessened.

Many of us have our own demons and need to figure out what those are and avoid provoking them too often.

For me, since I eat these things so rarely, they don’t really affect me.

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I eat 1 or 2 times fruit in a month, when I’m having
Fruit its always less then 20carbs.

I also have a limit of 20gr of carbs a week, a self imposed rule.

I have experimented with carnivore and 1 piece of fruit a day in the past. It worked just fine, always in ketosis.


If you want to eat some fruit, eat some fruit. As long as it’s not some completely terrible sugar bomb like watermellon and you eat a sane amount don’t worry about it. You’ll burn it off and continue on. if you’re not managing a health condition with keto you don’t have to be super crazy anal about everything. Test, see what the results are, and if you have no issues don’t worry about it. This is why I do a modified keto now. There’s no reason that everybody needs to be in a cookie cutter this way or no way default template of a WOE. Many people that eat keto eat fruit other from berries. Many people that eat Paleo have dairy. Not everybody does the black and white “legal” and not versions.


We 100% line up with that one! Fruits, breads, Pizza and I’m good! Ice cream or pie/cake I need to be chained to a wall for 3 days after.

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Interesting, thanks for this! I’ve just bought a ketomojo to have a bit more fun experimenting to see how I can eat and still stay in nutritional ketosis as currently I really have no idea what I can tolerate and what I can’t. I don’t have any diagnosed medical conditions and I “only” have 15 pounds to lose, as well as being relatively young (34).

I think, in conclusion, the allulose trick is not as exciting as perhaps I first thought :joy: and I might even be able to get away with more real food (fruit etc) than I thought based on your responses, without the need for any trickery! Every day I learn more and more!


You poor soul, you asked ME about FRUIT! I used all my close to zero self-control to be as short as I can… Fruits are one of my favorite topics.

My weight almost never changes so I don’t care much about that aspect (but I still want to avoid overeating, that’s one reason I choose less carby items). But fruits has little impact on it anyway I guess except it seems carnivore is magical and I am able to lose on it :slight_smile: So I do my best to avoid plants now. But fruits never were nearly as bad as veggies at bringing carbs (and fat, that’s a problem too). Now fruits is the bigger danger as I still love them unlike most vegetables. I was a huge veggie lover (except green leaves) and I wanted them in big amounts. Properly big. Like, 1.5-2 kg a day? So losing my interest was a blessing.

I don’t eat fruit by default now that my default woe is carnivore(-ish, at least). Except a few drops of lemon here and there.
But in summer there is always some chance for fruit eating, it’s usually a very small amount. And winter is jam season though I have some control over that… I am a hedonist who doesn’t resist temptation, it’s an important principle of mine. I train myself, it’s effective but takes a lot of time. Way less on carnivore (I automatically behave well on carnivore, of course but I go off eventually and I need my new habits to keep me from going too far).

Health… I am healthy on every woe and I don’t go to doctors so I can’t say much. I feel worse if I eat more carbs but a little here and there, even more occasionally feels fine. What I can’t handle is a bunch of carbs especially simple sugars alone. It doesn’t matter it’s 1-2g sugar only, I need my fatty protein afterwards and then all is well.
My body isn’t overly sensitive just choosy. I can eat the most carby items and any edible plant, it’s all about amount and frequency.

I eat the in-season fruits in winter too, by the way. Except when I happen to do carnivore and I extract the tiny inside of my medlars and put it into the freezer. That fruit is ripe in early December, usually (no idea why people pick them unripe, I pick them ripe except when I worry about the goats who likes to eat them. it’s probably them, I never saw). I never will do that again, so much work for so little fruit! :smiley: And that’s a too sweet fruit but good in pancakes (I am Hungarian, we roll up our filled thin pancakes).
And after medlar, there is rosehip. I grab 1-2 during some of my walks.

Don’t think I eat only local in-season fruit but mostly, yes. December is orange/tangerine season for me and very much not a keto month but it surely will change. As a beginner ketoer, I ate banana every day, now I don’t need it anymore.
I quickly dropped melons as they are hard to eat in moderation and we don’t grow them. It’s easy not to buy fruit, I think. It’s harder not eating any when I have a ton in my garden and spend hours per day with it (one fruit is like that sometimes. my berry picking takes only 30-40 minutes at most).
When I was a beginner ketoer and needed fruits (I had problems without them, really), I ate a few raspberries every day in winter. It’s in the past now.

No one can predict what I will do this summer but I truly don’t need fruits anymore and feel little desire towards them. They are just there, being tasty and my own… It’s not a sacrifice not to eat them except if I skip the whole season of my big favs, that won’t do. Not needed but mostly harmless so I want the experience. In moderation.

But who knows what the future brings…?

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What about some of the fruits that are higher in fibre? has a list of fruits that work on a ketogenic diet.


I am with you on the fruit thing. I have a carb day
about once a month and, for my birthday, my carb was watermelon. It was delicious. This summer, I will wait for the peak of strawberry season (I live in an ag area so farm fresh everything) and make that my carb day. Prior to keto, I used to go to the farmers market every weekend and pick up a flat of strawberries. It would be devoured by my family of 4 before the end of the week. I still keep bread, pasta and rice in the house but not fruit in that quantity. I will lose my keto control.

The worst (or best) part is the smell of high quality, fresh, local, fruit. I would put a flat of strawberries in the back of my car and the whole car would smell of strawberries. So excited for my next carb day.


Mmmm, yeah. The smell :smiley:
We used to buy a huge amount of apples every autumn and the whole house smelled like apples for months :smiley: Well I learned to ignore it, I couldn’t eat apples in small amounts on keto in the beginning… Now I can. Today we bought a beautiful huge apple because I wanted it. Now I smell it now and then (and look at it, that’s why I wanted it). Even uncut, it’s nice.
It doesn’t cause any problem with my woe, I don’t want to eat it… Yet?
But my canned apples has even stronger and better smell… It’s totally amazing. And I am an experienced hero to resist (nope, I do carnivore so I don’t feel any temptation).

Watermelon seems an odd choice but tastes differ. I only could eat it in huge amounts (probable sugar poisoning. not nice) and it’s some slightly flavored sugary water for me. Too sweet for me since many years. Just fun because it’s solid water.
Strawberries, I can understand that. We usually have 300-500g a day for quite a time. The same for raspberries… June is strong and then around the time when June ends and July starts, cherries and sour cherries come, all quite sweet… My sour cherries (I have 2 big trees and 2 small ones) are sour too but still very sweet. That’s my favorite fruit, perfect for everything one uses a fruit for and I love its flavor best too. But cherries are often crunchy and that’s fun…

Enjoy your strawberries! :slight_smile: I will enjoy mine too for sure. But they didn’t even start to have flowers yet, that’s for May. Fruits for June.

(This is spring. I think of fruits often now. Especially when I see my fruit trees in bloom. Maybe some young ones will yield their first fruits this year! It happened with quite a few last year, it’s very exciting.)