How to do Keto diet without your spouse knowing it

(Empress of the Unexpected) #21

I should have taken up meditation at least two years ago. I am temperamental, and two years ago I got angry at a situation, eyed one of those cheap storage ottomans we had, and thought kicking it across the room would be satisfying. Guess who forgot I had loaded it full of heavy books the week before??? Two years later, my toe is still acting up - as a gentle reminder to me.

(Scarlett Hyde) #22

Ouch… that sounds like it would hurt, to be honest, I was considering at the time to start kicking trees but one look at the bark and my poor chubby toes and I decided against it. I still continued to punch though, I just stopped recently and instead I am going for punching bags like normal human beings. When we move houses, I’ll ask my mum if I can have a punching bag in my room on those ceiling hook things so I can have my own personal training station.

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Gloves, or no gloves? That’s a great workout, too.

(Scarlett Hyde) #24

For the trees, it was no gloves, pre-wrap sometimes but that was it. Messed up my knuckles. For punching bag, also no gloves because if I throw a bad punch, the punching bag lets me know by my knuckles rubbing against the pad and getting sore. I recently found out that punching is a really good sport for the flubby arms which is amazing.

(Susan) #25

I think being open and honest with your wife is a better approach. Try to explain to her the awesomeness of Keto, and take some Omega3 tablets (or eat a lot of fish) -this helps in many ways, and with mood swings as well as all the health benefits -(I am new here so not sure if links are allowed so just look it up, and see all its many benefits!) I think if you watch yourself carefully as well, not to get Hangry and keep yourself in check, you will be amazed at the weight loss, energy and well being you will get from Keto, and maybe your wife will join in as well after a while when she sees your transformation as well.

My hubby needs to lose weight and I feel he would feel a lot better if he did Keto with me, but he is not ready so I just continue and hope in time he might join in! I feed him my Keto suppers at times, which he enjoys but will eat a bag of chips or a big bowl of ice cream an hour later… so I just encourage him and hope in time he might want to try too… =)


Hi Susan, this is an old thread so might not be relevant for the original poster at this point, but I was struck by your note above and just wanted to mention that high fat + high carb is not a great combination for our health, so if he’s consistently eating high levels of carbs after your meals you might want to keep the fat content of the meals themselves relatively low. (Of course both chips and ice cream also have high levels of fat in them, so… )

(Susan) #27

Hi Madeleine,

I totally agree with you that high fat and high carb is a bad combo! He eats lots of carbs, always, and he is always telling me he could never give up any carbs, sugars or any of his junk food, chocolate bars, etc and that he is on the see-food diet (eats what he sees…) a joke I am sure we have all heard before.

I worry about him because he has a lot of health issues that are serious and are treatable but not curable, so I am just always hoping that he will want to eat healthier. Typically for supper I just make a protean (that is normally chicken or fish), and vegetables that I sautee in extra virgin olive oil, and a carb for the family, such as potatoes, a rice or pasta. They get very upset if I don’t include that for them, although that is the part of the meal I never have, of course.


I know every family is different, so this might not be helpful, but at some point I just stopped making starches with meals. I’ll give my kids the option which was originally something like: “We’re having stew. If you want to make potatoes, I’ll get them when I go shopping and just make sure they’re ready by 7” and has morphed into “we’re having stew. Can you make a salad?” [and anyone who is inclined makes rice or potatoes]

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That is a great idea, my kids often do make alternate meals for themselves already. I like the idea, though =)

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I tried to get my red-bull drinking, tortilla eating husband to go keto with me for a couple of years, especially as he was steadily gaining weight. (He was eating all the fatty stuff as well.) I got nowhere until he joined a trial for basically a keto-in-a-pill drug the FDA is hoping to release soon, for liver dysfunction. As part of the exams he was diagnosed with fatty liver. There is absolutely no way I will allow him to continue in the trial to the point of taking the drug, but all the warm-up free perks (body scans, extensive labs, what have you) are great. I explained to him that he could accomplish the same thing through diet. I think the fatty liver diagnosis really made him think - he has been keto for a week and has lost 8 pounds of water weight. He smiles every morning when he steps on the scales. I am going with him to the next appointment a month from now. I am sure he will be 15 pounds down. Can’t wait to see what the doctors ask about that!

I might never have gotten through to him, if it weren’t for the fatty liver diagnosis. But I would always have continued to lead by example. That’s really all you can do.

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Correction: I’ve been keto 15 months, but way before that I was worried about the red bull and soda, and six tortillas a day.

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Anger management pi$$es me off !
Sorry, I couldn’t resist :slightly_smiling_face:

But seriously, back when I was addicted to carbs, I would get so freaking hungry after only a few hours of eating, that I would snap at my GF sometimes. I guess that’s what they call hangry.
Now I can just go and go, without eating, and I just never feel like I’m going to die if I don’t shove something in my stomach. I feel so much more stable, concerning my eating. I’m sure I’m easier to get along with on Keto.

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@Momof5 indeed we all prob felt this way before “going keto”. I know I did. I adored Italian bread, potatoes, ziti, tortillas, rice…I never dreamed I could get to a stage where I don’t even miss them. I grew up in an old school Italian household and almost everything I know how to cook has carbs/grains.

One of my daughters has been vegetarian her entire life -has never had meat- and went vegan past 7 years; her hubby is a weightlifter and he ate meat -she made for him as she is a housewife and cooks daily- until the past year. It took her that long (6 yr of the 7 they’ve been together) to get him to come around; he and her children are vegetarian, not vegan but she is strict vegan (animal advocacy reasons) and manages it like you do: she just doesn’t eat some parts of the meal.

I bet if your husband tried it and felt amazing he’d convert. Maybe present it to him as a 30 day challenge only? That’s how my daughter did; he was afraid it’d adversely affect his weightlifting and when it didn’t, he was OK with staying with it. Sometimes not making it a “forever” thing can convince em to go for it.

(Susan) #34

He eats 4-6 pieces of toast with his eggs on weekends, and his lunch I make him daily during the week for work is sandwiches, 2 yogourts, 2 apples, 1 juice box, 2 granola bars, a thermos of coffee (that he adds tons of sugar and a sweetened whitener to), and then he drinks lots of water all day long with his water bottle (with a cooler at work it is easy to refill). He works in a factory and leaves for work a bit after 6 and works from 7-3:30, is home a bit after 4, and I have supper ready by 5 or before. I make pretty healthy suppers (usually chicken or fish and veggies cooked in extra virgin olive oil) then the carb bit for him of potatoes, pasta or rice (when I have tried to omit this part he is notttt happy). Shortly after supper I see him coming into the kitchen to make a sandwich, then munch on chips, cookies, icecream… he then sleeps at 8ish or before when he awakes before 6 for work.

I have suggested to him he begins any sort of reducing, even like cutting out the junk food and sugars, and he has vehemently argued with me that he is not going to give any of his foods up–he is on the waitng list atm for more brain surgery (last one was in December) he has hydrocephalus and Parkinson’s (even though he is only 55, so we will see!) Maybe his neurosurgeons can convince him to reduce, then I will have a chance!

Thanks for the encouragement and advice =)

(Scott) #35

This makes me go keto and I don’t have it yet. I do have tremors to the point that it is hard to keep slippery food on my fork already. Cancer, parkinsons and alzheimers scare me to the point that even a remote chance keto will help is good enough for me.

(Susan) #36

Yes, he fell down the stairs backwards at our house, and I had to call an ambulance a year ago, and then they found out he had the Hydrocephalus from doing the brain scans. When we met his surgeon for the pre-op appt he informed us that my hubby also has Parkinson’s, and so he has two neurologists now, one that is a specialist in each of the illnesses. He also had Diverticulitis and Bipolar disorder, (which might have been mis-diagnosed the neurologists are telling us now, due to the other two diseases…) but definetly I would love to see him on Keto, and he knows this, but I just do my thing and he is noticing the changes in me, and I am hoping that one day he might be willing to give it a go too =).

He had third vent surgery in December and is seeing his surgeon again in July (and will be booked for shunt surgery after that appt). Thanks for your comments, Scott, and good luck in your Keto Journey as well!