How To Deal With Vegetarians


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and you aren’t losing super duper important lean mass aka muskle :muscle:t2:

don’t mind me i’m a little loopy lol

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It’s hard to get exact, matter of fact I don’t, but when I see ketoers eating 50 grams of fat for the day because they believe “the rest will come off my body” they are a horrid setup for failure

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Haven’t the 2 Dudes covered this somewhere by reminding us that there is only a certain amount of energy we can get from our own body fat in a given time (can’t remember the numbers) which essentially puts a lower limit on the amount of fat you should be eating, below which you would feel hungry all the time…? (or am I getting confused with something else?).

Anyway, I’m sure this “limit” is not exactly set in stone, and will be different for everybody. But there are probably some general guidelines to use as a starting point.

OTOH, if some people wish to experiment with low-carb, medium protein, calorie-deficient diets, then of course they should be free to choose to do so.


At the other end of the spectrum, and what I sometimes struggle to get my head around completely, are people experimenting with overfeeding, and apparently winding their metabolism up by some notches. There seems at least anecdotal evidence that this can work, although I would like to know more about the science.

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There have been more than a handful of days during the past 2 1/2 months that I’ve taken in 50g of fat or less and just wasn’t hungry so I saw no reason to add fat just for the sake of adding it. I’ve also done a few 48hr fasts in which hunger wasn’t an issue and I mentally operated under the “I’m using my existing fat for fuel” mantra. I can see where someone might take it too far but if hunger is not present I can’t see it being a setup for failure unless I’m missing something, which is always a possibility.

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if memory serves its 31.5 calories per pound of body fat

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I think Brenda and I both mean (I do anyway) that until you’re fat adapted limiting fat will not help you in ketosis. I also think most of us here just go by when we are hungry aside from planned fasts.
My frustration is at old timers of the “eat your own body fat and not plate fat” expect newbies to miraculously go from a standard western diet to low carb, moderate protein limited fat when the ability simply isn’t there yet. Newbies shouldn’t be fasting, it’s not something they have the self control to maintain yet. They should eat plenty of keto foods, learn their body’s cues of when it’s time to eat THEN if they can lower fat intake without falling off and binge eating every piece of carb age in sight they are more than welcome to. But I’m not ever ever going to recommend that to someone new to keto

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And the study @richard refers to is HERE @Mike_W_Ellwood


Yeah! Just. Eat. Meat…
My standard response?
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That usually rubs the carnivores up the wrong way. Not sure if it’s because of the vegetable or the vague suggestion that I may think they’re a Cockney!

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I’m Canadian and I thought the original post was hilarious. LOL