How to cook and eat beef fat ("suet")

(Kristen Ann) #61

Thanks. Broiler idea sounds good. Maybe I’ll try to reheat like that too.

I’m alright thanks, just trying to get back into remission and lose the weight I gained. :slight_smile:


I only cook the amount that I’m planning on eating so I’m not sure about reheating. I leave my chunks of fat in for around 2 hours or a bit less.


Would any one of you tallow masters be so kind and share a dew photos of tallow in its raw form and after you bake it? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Kristen Ann) #64

This was 1 hour into a 2.5 hour baking session. When it was done, it looked the same as this but a tiny bit more brown. Only a few drops of rendered fat on the bottom of the pan.

I had a 2 oz piece yesterday and was so full, haven’t eaten since. Crazy satiety!

(Kristen Ann) #65

Also I’ve had so much energy and mental clarity since eating that piece yesterday, I can’t wait to eat it again. Hoping for the same results!

(Bob M) #66

My problem is that I bought and froze large (really large) pieces, much more than I could eat in one week. That was a mistake, as now I have to defrost a huge piece. Live and learn, I guess.

(Kristen Ann) #67

Try to cut frozen?


A good sharp cleaver will do the trick. I also use it to cut up frozen liver as I never want a lb of that at once.

(Bob M) #69

Maybe I have to invest in a cleaver? That’s a good point about liver, as I usually get a hunk of it.

I have bought frozen pemmican and tried to cut it frozen, but it was downright dangerous. But it also came in a rounded container (like a yogurt container), and the round shape even after getting it out of the container didn’t help.

I’ll see what I can do this week. At least the hunks of fat are strange shapes, so maybe it’s possible to keep them planted. My knives will be the weak link.

(Windmill Tilter) #70

Has anybody tried beef suet on a smoker? I often smoke meat for hours at a time at 225 F in my trusty weber kettle grill, but I imagine I could tweak it down to 180 or so. Seems like it could be good. Beef suet is $1.50lb, so I guess it’d be a cheap experiment… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :slight_smile: Butcher, here I come :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #72

I think you would smoke it too much. But I could be, and often am, wrong.

(Windmill Tilter) #73

Interesting. I’m not sure I understand what you mean though. Do you think that it would render too much, that the humidity would be too high, or that the flavor would be too smoky?

(Coco Silk) #74

Fats are yummiest when they are roasted, right? Especially pork fat… mmmm But I have dug out my pressure cooker and started using that to cook up lamb off-cuts, which have meat, bones and plenty of fat usually. Then I only just cover them in water and pressure cook them for 30 - 45 mins. The juice is your broth - but add salt of course and water it down (I use about 1/3 to 1/4 of a cup of broth and fill the rest with boiling water). The broth equally makes a great soup to have with the meat. If I feel like a vegetable, I’ll put in a carrot or two (but only ever eat half a carrot at a time - too many carbs otherwise). Bit of fresh parsley on top is nice too. But just meat, salt and broth will do just fine.

And if I feel queasy because I over-did it on the fat, I drink a half cup of homemade goat’s milk yoghurt. It has enzymes in it that apparently can help break down the fats. My Serbian husband told me they traditionally drink “Ayran” - yoghurt, water and salt - after a fatty meal to help “absorb” the fat. Not sure if it absorbs the fat or just helps to break it down, but it does seem to help.

(Pete A) #75

Nothing fancy here. I do regularly buy a pound of high fatty ground beef from Walmart, around $2.50 a pound, shape it into patties and bake.

It releases a lot of liquid which I put in the refrigerator to get firm and use however.


Very gratifying!

(Kristen Ann) #76

So I think the reason I’m having trouble eating beef fat is that I’m eating muscle fat not leaf fat. Apparently leaf fat (found around the kidneys and joints) is different from muscle fat in that it is softer and more mild tasting. Anyone else try both types of fats?


Yes, I eat both types and enjoy both. I like the variety. I can eat rendered fat and do so but if I have to much it will send me to the restroom.

(Bruce Pick) #78

I can offer a variation on adding the fat to ground meat -
I make a keto chili, to which I’ve sometimes added a bit of fat, if the mix appears to be too lean.
It’s not carnivore (has some onion and tomato paste), but could be modified.
Keto chili recipe

(Kristen Ann) #79

Got some grass fed beef leaf-fat suet! It definitely smells better than my non-grass fed beef muscle fat. Excited to try it.

(Kristen Ann) #80

Update. There is a huge difference in taste and texture. I’m no longer gagging. Only eating about an ounce at a time though. I eat it raw, slightly frozen. A much milder taste. The taste is so different between the fat I was trying to eat before and this grass fed fat… it grosses me out thinking about all the reasons the other fat probably tasted so strong/gross in comparison…