How to be a better Vegan - Dr. Shawn Baker


(Bunny) #1

No he’s not converting…lol

Published on May 1, 2019: How to be a better Vegan

(Full Metal Keto) #2

I love it! “If you want to be a better vegan eat sustainability raised animals” :joy::rofl::rofl:


(Alec) #3

But he makes an even better point: by eating vegan you will be killing loads of animals because the farmers are spraying pesticides with the express purpose of killing animals to protect the plants you are eating. Or don’t those kind of animals count?

(Bunny) #4

Listening to Vegans talk including doctors is like listening to emotional cry babies who can’t push out any convincing scientific evidence to save their reputation?

They are so loving, caring and love animals so much but when you listen to them talk they look like they are ready to have a nervous break down from all that anger and rage of not having the science on their side and want to believe from a historical perspective no one ever ate meat…lol

(Complete legend) #5

Is he as much of an egotistical jerk in this as he is on every other form of media?

(Bunny) #6

No, quite the opposite he is very civic and compassionate.

(Complete legend) #7

Are you sure it’s him, then?

(Lisa) #8

I had to unfollow him on various social media for general obnoxiousness.

(Complete legend) #9

Yeah, exactly the same here.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #10

Yup. Shame really.

(Kaitlynne) #11

Once I saw a vegan cheesecake with non sustainable palm oil in it. Which is worse destruction of the world’s rainforests or grassfed organic cows, treated like royalty and able to feed their calves.