HOW TO: Add the Ketogenic Forums to an Android home screen

(Richard Morris) #1

Let’s say you are using your android phone’s browser to read the ketogenic forums and you want to create a home screen icon to go straight to the ketogenic forums.

If you are using the default browser on Android, at the top right of the screen is a “MORE” button, press on that and select “Add shortcut on home screen”

If you have downloaded the chrome browser you can go to the ketogenic forums and then at the top right of the screen is a button three vertical dots, click on that and you can select “Add to Home screen”

The end result is you will have a new icon on your phones home screen that will take you straight to the Ketogenic forums.

You can also download the free discourse app from the “Play Store”. This is a little more fiddly to set up, but it will give your phone push notifications when you get direct messages.

Now your home screen will have an app called Discourse.

To add the Ketogenic Forums to the discourse app, type in the full URL . NOTE: you won’t be able to log in with a new account, you need to have used the browser to browse the forums for about 15 minutes before Discourse is happy that you are a human and not a bot. Then you can log in using the app.

Once you log in it looks just like it does with the browser.

(Rebecca) #2

The first time I went to the forum on both my android phone and tablet through chrome I had a pop that asked if I wanted to add a shortcut to my home screen. Of course I chose yes.


The only difference is, if you use the browser it allows you to open multiple tabs. At least that’s how it works on my dinosaur Android.

(Richard Morris) #5

I think that is a user preference

(Insert witty quote here) #7

If you use Firefox on Android, click on the 3 dots > page > add to home screen. :blush: It’ll open in the current session, but a new tab.

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Thank you! Now I understand why the links are doing this!

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(Dan Howard ) #10

Richard, when i open the menu in Chrome while on the forum site, the “Add to Home Page” option is replaced by “Open Ketogenic Forum”. Any work around to add a homepage shortcut?

(Dan Howard ) #11

(Elizabeth Parnell) #12

I accidentally clicked off the pop up box when I joined and I can’t seem to add a shortcut now. In chrome it is doing as @Dhoward54 is saying.
Does anyone know how to get the forum shortcut onto my phone please?