Staying logged in on iPhone?

(outlawpirate) #1

Is there a setting to keep me logged in to the Keto Forum on Discourse App? Or on Safari on iPhone? Or another option? Every time I click on a link to something–a recipe, for example–and then I go back to the Keto Forum, I have to log in again. Is there a setting in the Discourse App to keep me logged in?

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(Richard Morris) #2

I don’t have an iPhone sorry. On my Samsung I never need to put in my credentials.

(David) #3

The discourse app never asks me to re-enter my credentials.

I would try removing the app, and reinstalling. I’ll have a look to see if I can replicate this.

Paging @sam, have you heard of this behaviour happening before?

(Sam Saffron) #4

I think you are experiencing this bug:

I have been working on fixes and should have it all patched up pretty soon

(David) #5

Thanks @sam

(Roxanne) #6

Funny, I had this problem in the beginning and i even whined about it, but it went away.I don’t remember doing anything specific, unfortunately…but it IS possible!

(Cathy Schroder) #7

I have an iPhone (don’t blame me it comes with my job) and I have no issue staying logged in.

(Ashley Haddock) #8

I have an iPhone (love it no matter what anyone says :stuck_out_tongue:). I visit the forum on the Safari app and have never been logged out. It even refreshes automatically to show me any notifications. Is your iOS up to date?

(JennyBelle ) #9

I know its a bummer, I’ve tried to do it myself. My hubby got me an IPhone 8 years ago, and I haven’t gone to anything else since. These guys a pretty smart, I will be patient w/the new forum & give it time (secretly crossing my fingers!!)

(Becky) #10

Yes, I am having the same problem on my iPad. Look away for two minutes and have to log back in.

(outlawpirate) #11

Ooh. I would love that. Every time I visit on safari or the Discourse App I have to log in and it takes forever, regardless of how fast my wifi is with everything else. My iOS is up to date. I will search Apple pages to see if it might be my security or password settings.

(Cheryl Meyers) #12

Same for me. It seems to occasionally log me out, but the saved password makes it easy to login again.

(Chanice Bloomfield) #13

I use Safari and haven’t had to re log in since day 1. I have it bookmarked on my home screen - maybe that’s why?

(JennyBelle ) #14

I feel like I’ve tried that…thank you I’ll definitely try again.

(Keto in Katy) #15

I am using Safari and not the Discourse app and I stay logged in all the time. The issue may be isolated to the app.

(mminomaha) #16

I had this problem once on my iPhone 6 early on in using the Discourse app. I had been on vacation and not logged in for a week and got my first email update. Since I was quite new to the app, I floundered around a bit but finally got logged in. This was late January. I’ve had no problems since then, thankfully (since I’m still pretty clumsy in using Discourse & miss FB).

(outlawpirate) #17

I booked it on my home screen as well. Hmmmm…

(Ian Stavert) #18

I’ve just worked out how to get the Discourse App running on my iPhone 6. I’m getting the same issue of having to log-in again. I’m in the site, I click on one of the unread messages, it opens in Safari, and then when I’m done and click “Done” on the browser, it takes me back to an empty Discourse screen and have to log-in again - thankfully, it’s kept my (very long complicated password) on the clipboard. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see if it’s worked itself out, but if it’s like this I won’t be using it, which is a big pity.

(Roxanne) #19

I wish I could remember what I did to make it work. Try going into Settings on your Phone, scroll down until you get to the Discourse App, and make sure “Allow Discourse to Access…Background App” is turned on.

(outlawpirate) #20

I am no longer having problems getting logged out with my new iPhone 7