How much is too much?

(Marianne) #21

So right. Loving my body and the transformation, however, just have a few areas where I could drop a little bit more fat.


I don’t get paranoid, my body handle various things - but somehow it sounds a good idea to eat little dairy. We are all different and we ourselves change. Dairy almost never was a big part of my life, it’s just a tiny extra, it has its uses. But I feel it’s not my normal meal and it doesn’t satiate me properly.
I have a very strong connection with eggs and I need them as I still can’t eat much meat. 20 oz is just adorable among carnivores and I only eat that on my meaty days (they are more and more frequent now, it starts to be my norm. I still feel the need to take breaks and my meat intake varies) :wink:
If someone only eats meat and not super much, they need to eat a bigger amount especially when they need more food for some reason. Who cares if that sounds much for a non-carnivore or a beginner one or I don’t know, someone with some lingering brainwashing…? I always was stubborn and never had strange ideas like 12 eggs or 20 oz meat or 200g fat would be much for a lunch for a woman… :wink:
But sometimes I meet people who has that, even here. Sometimes I think about the one who told me 4-6oz meat is the normal portion and only food eating contestants eat, like, 6 eggs :smiley: Why eating 500 kcal in eggs is excessive, I have no idea and egg eating contestants eat (sometimes several) dozens… Well that is crazy and unhealthy.

My fat and weight is correlated a bit but I totally agree. I always say I have zero problems with my 75kg, I have problems with the fact it’s too much fat and not enough muscle! I probably will need to lose a significant amount of weight to be muscular and slim as I am a 45 years old female at 163cm/5’4" - but I really want health and no fat rolls, not some small number on the scale. I never understood why that matters, it must be some modern thing and pressure on women, never considered myself a proper women or bothered with such things.

(Traci Simpson) #23

I started gaining about 3 months or so ago and I’ve actually increased my meat intake from around 1.5 to 2.5 as I try to fix my “set point”. I’m not too concerned anymore about the weight gain because that just means I’m still healing. I was freaked out as F*@^ in the beginning but stress does nothing but make it worse. Eat when you’re hungry - eat like it’s a Thanksgiving dinner and then don’t eat again until you’re hungry. It might be 8 hours it might be 18, might be 20 but my advice is to not fast on purpose.

(Marianne) #24

I hear you! After experiencing “thin,” I like where I’m at and how my body looks and am terrified of gaining weight. I have no cravings, do not cheat, do not calorie restrict and eat to satiety. Luckily, I haven’t gained so have chilled out a bit, although sometimes when I eat a lot during a day, I’ll still feel a little paranoid. A lifetime of dieting and weight obsession doesn’t go away in a few months (even though I am trusting more).