How much do you eat on OMAD carnivore diet

(Louis) #1

You eat once a day but what and how much do you eat to reach your point of satiety. Could you include age, height, body fat %, if you exercise.

(Elizabeth ) #2

You’re still going to need a couple of pounds a day, much more than that if you are exercising heavily.

(Sama Hoole) #3

I usually cap off my meal at 1500-2000. Any more and I end up regretting it. I’m sitting at 80kg,7% bodyfat, and perpetually hungry. With carnivore however, hunger only becomes an issue once I break the fast and start eating. Besides that, it’s the best diet I’ve tried for satiety and curbing cravings.


I have no idea if this will be of help, but, my normal OMAD-Carnivore days consist of 2-3 grass fed burgers, a few eggs, some turkey bacon cooked in tallow (sometimes supplemented with coconut oil), and maybe a little cheddar and a couple beef sticks. No clue what the calories are…I don’t count them. I just eat until my body signals feeling full and satisfied.
Age…52 (almost 53)
Have lost 54 pounds since last March.

I am currently on day 7 of a fast - and not sure when I shall end it. Not feeling hungry currently.

(Louis) #5

What do you mean becomes an issue once you break the fast?

(Louis) #6

That’s amazing results. Im eating 400g of rib eye, 500 g 20% mince meat and 3 fried eggs. All cooked in butter. Only started doing OMAD, 4 days.

I was eating 2 meals a day to satiety and I put on 7kg in two weeks. Im already big. Hoping OMAD will change that direction. Im also doing this for fat loss.

Have you exercised at all during your fat loss?


Not any real exercise… I plank for a few mins most days. But I work full time outside the home, have a farm, and own another business…so, I’m pretty active without actual gym-type exercises.

(Louis) #8

Did you only really start losing weight when you reached your fat adapted point?


you have to remember that the fat adaption is a key element with our bodies about how we burn, use, transfer our ketones and more but you must team this up point blank with healing the body. The body will take and use what food you eat to repair, change damaged internal issues and more…it won’t put all its effort into ‘weight loss’ cause it has to repair other issues first. So it is a miriade of crazy the body is dealing with and time on zero carb is critical for us zc’ers. Longer on plan the more we heal internally and most of this we don’t know or understand where are bodies are at so a timeline can’t be applied…and then we just eat zc as we need, as the body asks for healing to happen.

So to ‘micro control’ zc is useless in a way. You have to let zc work for you as it has been designed. Eat zero carb, all you need when ya need it and go by how your body feels as you change thru time. That is truly the recommended way to tackle carnivore yet many ‘control’ it as if they are doing some type of great fix when they are actually working against themselves. But being individuals we kinda all know our bodies so some who control zc a bit can do well and others do very poorly on this way to handle zc.

just chatting out some info on it :slight_smile:

(Louis) #10

So what your saying once you reach fat adapted your body has healed? For me weight loss is priority. I felt good before the carnivore. I find it really hard to loss those visceral fat kilos.


No. body has not healed. Healing is way diff. versus fat adapt.

Going carnivore from other plans means we have toxin dumps, we have ‘more fat adapt’ we need and it is diff than fat adapt on keto/lc/or whatever plan.

ZC is ultimate elimination menu and if done ‘right’ as we go into it, we find a whole new reset to hormones, toxins leaving, body healing and more. It can’t truly be boiled down to a small change equals better health in that zc takes time for that healing as we get individually.

zc is not and never will be fast weight loss to where are mental goals are set. It is a plan all to its own to heal/adapt/change/flush toxins we won’t ingest anymore…so while some get good weight loss doing zc it is ‘just them’ and their personal journey but if we allow time on zc to do ‘its thing’ as it will we could be so much longer on a timeline of indivudal healing thru it all. It is a long term change plan back to natural state of being ketone burn and it takes a lot of time for a lot of people. So…it is kinda all in and wait and just let it happen and see what goes down and work thru it. Long term commitment is needed for most coming into this.

(Sama Hoole) #12

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve just found that there’s a rabid level of hunger that spikes once I’ve had my first meal. Whatever I eat, it’s not enough, and fat takes way too long to satiate. It might just be an electrolyte problem, so I’m going to lower my salt and water intake and see whether I’ve been pounding them down a little too keenly.

(Louis) #13

Do you experience any muscle loss from eating only 2000 calories? Do you do anything to keep that in check?