How many fats do you have in your kitchen?


I’m working on this right now and slowly adding more options to my kitchen. This is just my stuff, I’ll work on my family’s crap-junk stuff next :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Olive oil
avocado oil
ghee-new favorite thing, just bought it at Aldi but need to look into making it myself
pasture raised butter-not really using this since I’m using ghee for pretty much everything, lol

And then I’m going to look into avocado based mayo today when I go shopping-craving egg salad right now!

(Jane) #42

If you have a stick blender and a wide mouth mason jar you can make your own avocado mayo in less than 5 minutes!!! This really is foolproof.

(Brennan) #43

Turn that butter into ghee, it’s really quite easy and it’ll ended up being cheaper!

Avacado mayo is delicious, I found a wasabi avacado mayo that was to die for! Definately worth it if you can find it, or just add horseradish or your favorite hot sauce :ok_hand: