How long do you poop while fasting


sorry if this is already a thread, if it is any someone can point me in that direction great. I am 86 hours into a fast, not 100% sure how long I’m going. I am 5’5 230 pounds. an hour ago i got the urge to go #2, I did, but wondering what is coming out? is it fat? is it junk sitting in colon and intestines? Concerned thinking maybe I should keep going till I’m not pooping because if stuff is in me…and not coming out till I dont eat for extended period of time…maybe I need a colonic.

help with other experiences

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #2

Combination of junk left over in the intestines and sickly bacteria dying off. You won’t need a colonic, just pack extra underwear and let it flow.

(Justin Jordan) #3

It never actually stops, but it will slow down immensely. Angus Barbieri, the world record holder for fasting, went more than a year without eating, and he was still having bowel movements every couple of weeks even at the end.

A lot, sometimes most, of your poop is bacteria and non food waste.



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I think the family wanted something kept quiet, I can’t seem to find a cause of death.



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That would be an interesting one!



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I dunno, did we get an age at which he embarked on the fast? Because from the article it seemed like he lived okay for a few years (but they didn’t seem to state how long before his death).



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Guy lives to be 51 in Scotland; he’s not doing all that badly.

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Like in inches?