How long do you feel tired for?

(Nicola Mc Caig) #1

Because I’m so exhausted I can hardly move. I’m keeping on top of my electrolytes but I think it’s because I’m not fat adapted yet. It’s day 17 and I’ve read it can take up to 3 months to become fat adapted. If that’s true I’ll have to give up, I can’t live this way for that long.
Can anyone give me any hope?

(bulkbiker) #2

What kind of things are you eating?
You might be missing something…
Some more details about you might be useful too…

(Nicola Mc Caig) #3

Breakfast is usually 2x bullet proof coffee’s (I’m not hungry in the mornings.
Lunch is either an omelette with spinach, bacon and cheese. Or a bacon and avocado salad.
Dinner is usually a fatty meat with some vegetables.
Snacks are some salted almonds if I get hungry, that’s not daily.

(Nicola Mc Caig) #4

Oh and I’m a 33 year old female with hypothyroidism (although well medicated) and chronic fatigue syndrome. I started keto for weight loss and suspected insulin resistance (had high sugar readings a few times) and carbs make me more tired. I was hoping keto would help these issues, I feel worse than ever and that’s saying something for a person with cfs.


My energy level stayed exactly the same (low but just unpleasantly so, not tragic) on keto, even after fat adaptation… (Later I found the way to make it better but I probably never will have high energy.) But it’s me.

Do you eat enough? We need the proper amount of food, it’s not necessarily enough not to be hungry ever. Some people doesn’t feel hunger properly especially after a drastic change in their way of eating.

(bulkbiker) #6

Sounds ok but are you eating enough I wonder?
How many eggs, how much meat and veg?

(Laurie) #7

One omelet and one piece of meat isn’t very much. Maybe you need to eat more. If you don’t have much appetite, fill up on meat and so on, instead of salads, vegetables, or nuts.

Treat plant foods as side dishes rather than the main event. A bacon & avocado salad won’t get you very far.

I hope that helps. Best wishes.

(Jane) #8

What electrolytes are you taking and how much?

Sounds to me also you aren’t eating enough but w/o portion sizes and your current height and weight it is hard to tell.

Hope it gets better for you soon.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #9

Keto is not a miracle. It’s a process of metabolic normalization. Although lots of folks, maybe the majority, start keto to lose weight/fat, in your case I’d recommend that you forget about losing the weight. As others have noted, you’re not eating enough. Learn to eat keto, learn to eat sufficient to prevent fatigue. When you’ve accomplished that, then adjust your eating to go after the excess fat. It will probably start to go on it’s own as you settle into a healthy keto regime. Excess fat storage is generally another symptom of metabolic disorder and when you start to resolve the metabolic issues, the symptoms start to resolve themselves.

You may also find this of interest.


Really enjoyed that article, answered a lot of my thyroid questions.

I have Hashimotos thryroid although I would not say it is well controlled however I really did not have a problem with energy when starting Keto 4 years ago (should say had no more problem than usual pre keto). You may want to have your labs run to make sure this is keto and not something else that is a problem. The one thing everyone always recommends is making sure you get enough salt and other electrolytes. Especially if you are losing a lot of water due to weight loss. Remember that each lb of fat is stored in 3 lbs of water (or something like that).

You do not mention if you are overweight. If you are not then the lack of energy may be to insufficient food. If you are substantially overweight, the theory is that once you are fat adapted you will make up for any caloric deficiet by burning fat


day 17 is not a ton ‘of trouble’ at all. you are eating fine, you are OK truly, this is ‘adaption time’ and how you have to live thru it. we all do! will be varied for all of us.

thing is I was tired and napped, relaxed, nodded off and chilled thru my ‘super tired time’ as best I could and I said the same…omg I can’t live this way but it leaves!!! You can live that way truly LOL but heck it is annoying as hell and I get you on that but TIME is key here. Hold strong thru it and it will flip for you.

I was doing great and then like month 7-8 I went down for like 2-3 weeks of the most exhausting insane fatigue I ever experienced in my life and I was like WTH? All long term people on plan said, just keep it up, work thru the symptoms all you can, nap any time you can, just ‘be’ in it and get thru it and woke up one day thinking, omg I can’t go on…and I was energized and full of pizz and vinegar and thought again, WTH? LOL No clue on it all but adaption/toxin detox for all of us is so different and what meds we might be on etc. for ‘all of it to come around’ and heal.

I think you are fine, just eat well, take rests as you must and power thru. I don’t think you ‘need anything’ actually other than time on plan. Time tells all kinda :slight_smile: