How if I know if the fish I'm buying is safe to eat?


So, the ocean is kind of polluted right?
Some ocean pretty good, some are not
After doing some research I became very cautious about where I’m sourcing my seafood from
and the ocean is pretty huge, so I have no clue

(Allie) #2

The general advice is to opt for smaller fish as they’re less likely to be holding as many toxins, but beyond that I don’t know.


yea it is nasty out there but how much are ya eating and what species?

key being a little fish from any ocean ain’t gonna nail ya to the wall but it can be a very personal choice about how you feel about the oceans and its food choices and more so that can come into play?

I am not a fishy person so this doesn’t hit me as an issue, but I eat canned tuna every now and then and I don’t think ever about any pollution/mercury issues ever but again, I am not an everyday, full on fish eating person.

So I think don’t worry if eating is limited and enjoy. Plus again, becomes a very personal environmental type issue that might come into play for those who feel that way so?