How I save bacon fat


I use those silicone ice cube molds to save my bacon fat then freeze them. I unmold and store in freezer bag. This way I have a cube to drop in when I want to cook.
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(KM) #2

I just pour mine (along with any other fat leavings) into a jar. I keep the jar in the fridge. If I were more careful and poured it through a sieve and never got any meat juices in the jar I wouldn’t bother.
The pure fat can sit out without going bad for a very long time, but I don’t fancy washing bacon grease out of the sieve.

(Robin) #3

I remember my parents and grandparents keeping a little metal pitcher on the stove for all grease dripping, and it was used continuously for cooking.

(KM) #4

The added plus of it being solid is if I have very lean ground beef, I will “fluff up” a bit of the grease into small crumbs with a fork and add it in. (I do agree with Shinita, I never waste food if it can be made into something edible!)

(Joey) #5

Great idea. We typically buy the higher fat % packages of ground beef when available, and they’re also cheaper… for some reason :man_shrugging:


I just put all kind of leftover fat into small cups and glasses and store them in the fridge. I have schmalz and lard now. The lard has tiny crumbles everywhere, the schmalz has them on the bottom, it probably will be nice eaten with my “bread” :slight_smile: If I want to cook with it, I get a spoonful from the cleaner parts but the crumbles don’t cause any problem, I just like them more on my “bread”. Or alone if I am the mood… :wink:

I always managed to use it all up in time (I simply stop cooking really fatty pork when I still have plenty of lard) so I never tried to freeze it before.

(KM) #7

I usually do too, but sometimes the quality of beef I want only comes in low fat 15-85.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

Mom kept hers in a little glass jar on the stove.

(Geoffrey) #9

Mine stays in a covered glass bowl next to the stove. Gets used nearly every day.


You had the right kind of moms. Or countries. Here moms may keep used sunflower oil in a jar. I saw that.