How great is the format of the 2 Keto Dudes podcast?

(KetoCowboy) #1

Everyone here presumably values the content of the 2 Keto Dudes podcast; we also value the fabulous rapport that Carl & Richard have with each other (and develop effortlessly with most of their guests).

But I want to take a moment to recognize how engaging, helpful, entertaining, and non-triggering the format of the show is.

Yes, I love the way you guys catch up with each other in the intro, the way you shout “Mail!”, the way you make time for corrections, the great discussions you have with guests, and the recipes at the end of each episode.

But I mainly love the way you save the recipes for the end because it means I can listen to MOST of the show whenever I want and just save the recipes for when I’m eating.

There are plenty of keto folks I would love to follow more closely, but they’re constantly sliding into food porn mode. I like eating once a day so as not to have to think about food, and the clear line you dudes draw between the bulk of each podcast and the recipes at the end means i don’t have to worry about being thrown out of my rhythm by one of your podcasts.

Thanks for that. It matters.

(E.O.) #2

Pretty new here. I was invited by another member and didn’t know about the podcast until I was here a few days & reading for a bit. Now I’m also listening to the podcasts. Love the format, science, and especially the links to lots of great materials!

While chatting about things I had learned in the podcasts & links with others, everyone asks me “how old are they?” with that type of thinking implied as “do not listen to anyone who isn’t old enough to have real experience…” type of thinking. I’m not certain how old, as I’ve just arrived here. Anyone know?

(Mel Day) #3

I am an avid health Podcast listener who ‘discovered’ 2 Keto Dudes only a month ago. What a find! I started in the middle then backed up to the beginning and can’t get enough. This is the BEST health podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The production value is stellar, the science is great, the format is entertaining but most of all the rapport between these two most excellent voices is enchanting. I love how Carl gently questions and steers and interprets Richard’s dense-but-fascinating scientific explanations. I have binge listened to 50 of these so far and neither of these gentlemen has become annoying or overbearing or dogmatic as so many other podcasts hosts eventually do. Very likable; listening makes me smile. I’ve only heard a few with new host Carrie, but she is a winner as well. I poked around to find the place to post this heartfelt THANK YOU. Hope it reaches the eyes of the dudes