How eating Keto affects a woman's hormones and her monthly visitor

(Amanda Rose Johnson) #182

Im 36, been doing Keto since April 1. Down 22 lbs so far. Also on nexplanon. I’ve noticed since doing keto my periods have been super wacky - period one week, none the next week, back the week after. This month is the first month I’ve ever had a 2-week period (barf). I’m on day 13 and it SUCKS. I’m going to try some carb cycling (once a week) to see if it’ll help with the hormonal swings.

(Tammy Tenison) #183

Did you ever figure anything out?

(Nicole Sawchuk) #184

Its been over a year on keto/fasting and it drives me nuts that my periods are getting shorter and shorter in length. I am averaging every 26 days! I have no more real PMS or symptoms but this is not the side effect I want! Especially when I am not past my child bearing years. Any one else experience this? Did it get better?

(J) #185

How far apart were your periods prior to Keto? 26 days is still within the range of normal. As someone whose cycles were 25 days (officially in surgical menopause as of last week), I understand the drag of frequent periods, but 21-35 days is generally considered a normal cycle.

(Nicole Sawchuk) #186

Prior was every 35 days. I know this is within normal range but that’s 10 days shorter than what I had been used to prior to this. Like you said - its annoying that’s all. I just hate dealing with it!


Please try Yarrow herb infusions unless allergic. It has helped me and many ladies I know. If things are heavy yarrow slows or stops it, if light then it strengthens the flow. Its a little natural thing that seems to just know… I have been skipping my monthly visitor for a few months now since I started keto and your post has reminded me about it. Millefollium officionalis is its botanical name. One cup twice a day is what helped my friends with endometreosis, menopause, etc. Good luck and keto on!

(Kelly) #189

Hi! Im in my 10th week on Keto…and love it! Im 49 and peri-Menopausal for a couple years. I went 11 month with no period (so close!) and then got a light one. then 4 months no period.
Two weeks ago i started experiencing tender/painful “PMS” breasts like ive not had since my 20s! Oh man, it was not fun! And it lasted like a little over a week, not like the couple of days it used to be way back when. Plus, way more intense than i remember.

Im on BCP and am “mid cycle” right now. Yesterday i started a full blown period moderate-heavy flow, but no cramps.

I also have recurrent uterine fibroids, which have been non-symtomatic, but in the past had to have a myomectomy due to excessive bleeding…so, it makes me need to pay attention.
So…i dont know what to think! Is it just regular ol weird menopause stuff? Is it Keto? Im guessing, yes, the Keto has something to do with this. My understanding is that the body fat stores hormone, and when we burn that body fat during ketosis, those hormones release into the blood stream.
Hopefully its just a stage though and i dont have to relive my 20/30s in that way! :blush:

I wish i could find more exact and conclusive info on keto during menopause!


Hi, have you had any answers to your questions? Has it got better & shorter periods and longer time between?

(Britt Bot) #191

I have had to adjust my BC and I’m doing carb ups once a week and it send to have helped. I couldn’t function on 20g or less daily of carbs. My hormones were in freak out mode and it was like I was bipolar. I’d wake up super angry and/or start crying for no reason. Once I upped my carbs once a week and to at least 25g a day I seem to be ok now.


Thank you. I’ll give that a try & see because like you I’m Cray up & down and all over the place. :upside_down_face:

(Britt Bot) #193

It’s prob hormones. I’m so glad I sucked it up and upped my carbs before I snapped. Lol

(Tora) #194

Thank you to all those that have posted here, I have found it quite informative.
I’m 36 years old and about 10 weeks into Keto. I had been on some form of birth control off and on since I was 16. I stopped taking it a couple years ago after hubby got a snipped. I found out last year that I am now getting ovarian cysts. The ob said I didn’t need to worry about them and go back on BCP unless they were causing me significant pain. So, when I started Keto, I blamed the possible cysts for the wonky periods instead of the keto.

This week though, I wasn’t so sure. I think I’m on day 3 - 4 of my cycle, it kind of got a slow start, but I have been so hungry, more than normal, and suffering from a 2pm crash in the afternoons. I had thought maybe there was some part of the keto diet I was missing because it was like having the keto flu again. I read the post about the n=1 experiment in the perfect keto base. Might have me convinced to give them a try again. I did notice my energy was much better today after hubby made me a very fat heavy BPC. It was more fat then what I would have put in it. I normally do 2 tbl hwc, 1 tbl coconut oil and a scoop of protein powder. He added 2 tbl of butter to it. lol :joy: I wonder if any of you have experienced where you just needed more fat at the beginning of your cycle.

(Bini) #195

I was on KETO diet in July end 2018 and on the second day I started to have spotting. I thought its because my period are due in 2-4 days. I kept waiting and waiting and spotting did not stop. Period came 2 weeks late. It was bit heavier than normal and similar cramps and all. But I am on my 16 day of period and I am still spotting. I have never been on BC.

Other than that, I had KETO flu for few days. My mood was lifted, more energetic and wake up just before my alarm, no major cravings. However, I neither lose or gain any weight. I have stopped KETO now but am planned to get back to it in future with better preparation.


I tried every type of birth control but the hormones made me crazy and moody. I got the ‘copper coil’ in a few years back and have had no issues. It’s like the mirena…same concept only There’s no hormones in it :ok_hand:t2:

(Jessica) #197

I’m glad this thread is here. I’ve been on Nuvaring for years. I generally had light period, if at all, just a few days a month. Since starting keto 6 weeks or so ago it’s been unpredictable and frequent. I also seem to stop weight loss as long as I’m bleeding. I’ve been stalled for 2 weeks or so and bleeding on and off during that time. I’m not cheating even a little bit so it’s frustrating not seeing any scale movement because I’ve got plenty to lose.

(Rachel) #198

I have the opposite effect every time I do Keto, I skip my period completely. I am currently 38. I have never been on birth control. I have always had regular periods when not do doing Keto. I am not complaining, It is nice not having them. My only concern rm


It can be normal for females new to keto to miss 2-3 periods at first, due to hormones - according to various keto women’s health blogs/articles online and such. I’m not sure how “new” you are to keto though.

Keto/LCHF is a way of life, and takes some time to durably establish - so if you’re doing an on and off thing, you may be interrupting the healing benefits. In the switchover to 100% fat-adaptation (which can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months or a year or more depending on how metabolically deranged one it) the body prioritizes most urgent healing for life survival - ie, healing a fatty liver, neurogenesis w/ BDNF restoration in the brain in contrast to previous years of fat starvation, and other things.

The pituitary-hypothalmic-ovarian axis is involved in hormonal balancing, and the extent of stress (cortisol) and frequency of insulin surges all play a part.

If I were you, I’d first make sure I was 100% fat-adapted, and then work with a functional medicine provider to ascertain whether or not you have amenorrhea due to too little bodyfat or early menopause. It’s preferable to cycle as long as possible and maintain hormonal agility - but sometimes there is early menopause due to previous conditions/malnourishment, etc.

(Rachel) #200

I did keto from.the age of 29 to 34 and never had a period. I was very lean then. Currently I’m very heavy so I am interested to see if it will be the same this time. I’m only 3 weeks in, but I should have my period last week. On a positive note I am 15.1 lbs down as of today.

(J) #201

Being very over or underweight can also impact your periods. If you are very lean, and don’t have enough body fat you cannot produce/store estrogen, which can cause periods to stop. When you are very overweight and insulin resistant, you can have normal estrogen levels but the high circulating insulin and resistant cells will disrupt many other factors in the endocrine system which can lead to amenorrhea as well.

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Is there something I should do about it?