How do you get more fat?

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It’s easy enough. Pick the fatty steaks, ground beef, and add suet, tallow, and butter.

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Welcome Robbie.

50 to 60 gr of protein a day doesn’t make much sense, that would be 1 miserable 200gr steak a day.
I eat 250 to 300gr protein a day. :wink:


This post was asking for Carnivore plan advice. Seaweed and coconut oil etc. are not carnivore and should not be used. Just some fyi on it.


I leave that impossibly tiny amount for the poor folks who has some special health problem and need to eat low-protein.
Or have some other reasons. I know about the 80% fat with extra restrictions therapeutic carnivore style, if someone needs or likes it, do it but let us normal folks be.

I actually tried to eat only 100g protein as a not active short woman once, long ago… I don’t force myself and I very nearly always failed. On a lowish-calorie day, it’s around 120g and it works fine. If I go lower, I usually just get hungry and end up eating more anyway, I find it very unnatural to desperately avoid eating protein rich items. And if I just try to minimize my protein (without eating a ton of fat, like 2-300g), that’s 120+ g. (Not like I ate less protein when I ate 260g fat… But I think, there is a chance with very careful planning. I don’t do that but there is a theoretical possibility.)
And I had this without meat (not on carnivore of course). Adding meat tends to raise my protein a bit.

Why people think one shouldn’t just eat their fatty protein as natural and enjoyable and working, I don’t know. Why these super low protein ideas? Anyway, it’s not “a man needs this or that amount”. Its gram per lean bodyweight, activity matters, individual factors exist as well… And it’s fine to eat over our needs. To some extent. I probably wouldn’t want to go over 200g but I never thought much about it as it’s easy, even natural for me to stay below.

About the question… I eat fatty protein sources, it’s more than enough.
When I will need way more energy, I will eat fattier meat and add a bit more cream, sour cream. If I need more fat while not way much energy, I focus on more fat tissue but many people find even rendered fat satiating. Rendered fat and cream balloons my energy intake without changing my satiation while fat tissue is effective for my satiation.
There are options. And we can’t necessarily use any fat:protein ratio. I needed more or the same amount of protein in the very beginning to avoid nausea. Now I like them around 1:1 but there is wriggle room. I will slowly raise my fat as I will need more energy but I would have felt miserable if I wanted to follow fixed numbers not fine-tuned for my individual case.

One big benefit of carnivore that I don’t really need to worry about my macros, not like I often did that in my life. My well-chosen carnivore food automatically gives me good ones. My fat:protein ratio is between 0.5 and 2 (but usually 1-1.2, that’s what I like and what is best for my average energy intake on carnivore) and all is well that way.

I can’t even have much idea about my fat:protein ratio when I eat much meat anyway… (Just as a vague average number, maybe.) No one can tell me the fat content, after all. It varies for the same cut, a lot. So I stopped tracking. Yay. It wasn’t fun but I was curious. But now I automatically eat somewhat similarly on my good days, I experienced no problems so… Who cares about the macros?