How do you drink your water?

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I wish that had worked for me… i can taste a salty taste in seltzer water…its weird


To revive this thread- I have discovered something really wonderful since my fridge crashed on me. I had some frozen strawberries in the freezer- and I put 3 in my mineral water- mainly because I missed my ice cubes. It’s GREAT. Just leave them in there for hours- it infuses the mineral water with this wonderful strawberry essense. I now have a new thing! I think it even works with a few drops of ACV, which was my usual go to. I too used to be a diet coke addict. This even tastes better. You dont have to eat the strawberries. Just let them ooze their flavour into the mineral water.

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That sounds like an awesome idea, Chantarella — terrible about your fridge breaking (of course) but nice that at least one positive result occurred =).


I enjoy water but I have problems drinking it. I know doing keto we’re supposed to drink 2 liters a day and I want to but it often gives me heartburn and now on Keto it’s making me nauseous. Any suggestions? I understand the need for this much water to avoid kidney stones.


I get 30 oz of water every morning and 30 oz every night when I take my supplements. I make an ACV concoction with it first because I have suffered from acid reflux my whole life and used to be dependent on PPIs to eat, but 13 years of that led to severe advanced osteoporosis. I was desperate to get off of it and found out about ACV in your water and how it helps with acid or gas or indigestion. The recipe I use is as follows (makes about 4-5 days worth,):

1qt water
8-10T ACV
4T fresh squeezed lemon juice
4tsp cinnamon
4tsp fresh minced ginger (or ginger powder)
1tsp pink salt

Mix really well until the cinnamon is fully dissolved.

Every morning I start with a 32 oz tumbler and put 16 oz of my ACV cocktail into it and then add enough water to equal 24-30 oz. Then I add Dr Berg’s lemon raspberry electrolyte powder to it (because I need the extra potassium his offers.) In a way it tastes like a liquid Apple Pie. :joy: sort of

I drink this every morning along with my daily vitamin, vitamin B100 complex, Citrical, Omega 3-6-9, ultra lecithin, PS100, Ashwaghanda L-theanine, NAC, MSM, and Co-Q10. It literally takes the full 24 oz to take it all. Sometimes I add enough water to be about 30 oz.

What I find is all of this actually satiates me too for a few hours. Regulates me too. Gives me extra energy each morning.

At night I will take a gallbladder formula supplement with dinner because I have no gallbladder, and I take a probiotic with dinner but unsure if it’s doing anything yet. After dinner I take my nighttime’s supplement doses, which also includes two kinds of magnesium and K2-MK7. Taking all that requires about 30 more oz of water. Sometimes I’ll add a T ACV to the water. But usually I don’t need to.

All this has allowed me to get an additional 48-60 oz of water into my system daily above and beyond the typical glass or two of water that I previously drank throughout the day but was insufficient.

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I drink my water from the tap.

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Right out of the garden hose, if that’s what’s most handy.

we also got a sparkling-water maker that has little carbon dioxide canisters - we really like it.

I also don’t think there is any necessary hard and fast rule about how much to drink. If you’re thirsty, then by all means. But one’s size, environment, activity level, etc., makes an enormous difference.

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I was thinking … “in a glass”.

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Normally I drink it with a little lemon.

We got into the habit of putting a cut up lemon into a half gallon glass jug that lives in the refrigerator. We just keep refilling the jug with (RO) water as needed when we drink some and replace the lemon when we feel like it’s time. It’s stronger when it’s fresh, not as strong as it weakens over time, and if it goes beyond a week or two, it can start to get a little bitter.

I will drink some plain water directly out of the reverse osmosis setup, it’s not bad tasting. (The tap water is atrocious.)

It’s been a long time since my pre-keto days but I kinda have to pay attention to not falling back into old habits with soft drinks or sweet tea, that kind of thing. I haven’t had much of either for the past few years but occasionally have one of the real thing. The taste hasn’t left me at all and I could easily fall back into the habit of drinking an awful lot of sugar. I kinda envy those guys who say their tastes change and they can’t handle the real thing anymore. Mine don’t seem to change like that. But… knowing that, I have to be on guard that any indiscretions are limited and not allowed to continue.

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People live longer who drink ground water - that is usually slightly hard water. Don’t drink softened water or distilled water. That actually stresses your cells. I am fortunate to have tap water that comes from nearby mountains, and has only a little chlorine added - I don’t even taste it anymore. I have started making my own “electrolyte” water by adding a bit of sea salt and the contents of one capsule of calcium lactate per gallon. Since then I have found I need much less water - esp in the heat.

You could try that, but I make no guarantees.


Can you provide a reference please?

I live in a place where you should be able to drink the ground water but some people don’t because there are perceived higher rates of cancer (I have no idea if it is really true) and people blame the farms (which disappeared 50 years ago) and the lawn chemicals (which are still used) for leaching into the aquafier. For the first 20 years I avoided the ground water except for minor cooking and personal hygiene. Note I did not act like I was in a foreign country but drank mostly bottled. In the last 10 years we have started drinking filtered tap water. Mostly because I got tired of schlepping the large bottles of water. and did not want to deal with delivery. Plus the plastic did not seem to be improving my health in any way. The local tap is fine as long as it is filered. Unfiltered I struggle to drink it even when I am using it to swallow a pill.

I can defintely taste the difference among brands of water. I have always hated Evian. Even before bottled water became a thing in the US.I would rather have tap, any tap. There is also a brand my family in the south buys. When I visit I refrigerate tap and drink that.

I love Poland Spring, Deer Park and Smart Water. I find I don’t like some of the off brands or the cheaper purified waters. I used to volunteer at my kids school at lunch and one of the other ladies did not believe there was a difference (??) We did a taste test. I am not sure if she could tell but I could, easily. The weird part is she is thin, and I am not. I thought some study found heavier people had a fewer taste buds.

I used to love diet coke and until some months ago would have it about once a month as a restaurant treat. Then I read up on the microbiome and decided it was not worth it. There are some brands of lemonade that have the artificial sugars I use (rarely) anyway such as stevia and so on. I think one brand is sold by whole foods, and is pricey. I rarely buy them, maybe once every few months. Sometimes, (rarely) I crave sweet liquids. Hits the spot at that time. Arizona makes an unsweetened ice tea that I buy but always forget to drink, usually my family will

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This article discusses a study done in Israel comparing groundwater consumers to desalinated water consumers:
The drinkers of desalinated water had a 6% greater chance of heart attack.

The following study concluded that desalinated water is not suitable for direct consumption and should be remineralized before drinking:

There are areas where the groundwater is polluted. I really can offer you no advice here. Perhaps pay to get your water tested unless there is a nearby municipality that tests it. Deep well water is usually safer than shallow well water in this respect.

Instead of a full filter or R/O unit, you can just use charcoal filters to remove the chlorine. Not sure if that would make it tasty enough in your situation.

Spring water is the preferred water, but then the problem these days becomes the plastic containers. I do not drink water from the cheap water bottles.

I have never bought Diet Coke, but I believe there are two varieties - one sweetened with aspartame and one sweetened with Splenda, which is sucralose. As far as I know the aspartame does not particularly bother the gut biome, but does form some formaldehyde in the body. Splenda/sucralose is a molecule containing three chlorine molecutes. When probiotics in the gut attempt to metabolize it, it releases the chlorine and kills the beneficial gut bacteria. There was a recent study done at Duke which showed that relatively small amounts of sucralose can kill off substantial quantities of the gut microbiome - no wonder people are ending up with leaky gut syndrome these days…

I do make a lemonade from whole blended lemon I sweeten with stevia. However, citric acid can eat away tooth enamel, and therefore this should be drunk with a straw. I also sometimes drink selzer waters I sweeten with stevia usually. I will also drink herbal teas occasionally. I avoid all artificial sweeteners with the occasional allowance for saccharine - which I usually won’t tolerate the taste of. I would rather have stevia, erythritol/monk fruit, xylitol or allulose. I haven’t bought table sugar for a number of years.

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I drink mine at room temp from the tap most days but there are times I like a little ice in it when it’s hot.
My water is soft water and filtered. I have no choice in the matter because to only water available to us out here in the country is well water and it is so high in minerals (28 ppm) that it will destroy a coffee maker in thirty days and every porcelain fixture in the house has to be cleans with CLR which is caustic. It also will clog the pipes up.