How do you deal with people trying to force you to eat carbohydrates?


I had my father call me today out of the blue and basically telling me to eat 50 grams of wheat pasta per day if I’m not allergic and not the 200+ grams I use to eat a decade ago. I told him that I’m highly allergic to wheat but I didn’t tell him it causes severe mental retardation(degeneration) because he will insist it doesn’t and not listen. Wheat is like crack in my body due to the gluten exorphins and I can’t stop eating it if I start. I love flatbread :yum: but not at the expense of my health.

This is just an example.

Is ghosting delusional carb addicts the only solution? How do you guys deal with them?

(Petra) #2

I just say yes, amen, praise you, thank you I will, and do my own thing anyways. The indoctrination of the food industry goes deep, you can’t even really blaim the ‘non believers of low carb’, because they have been misinformed their whole life. GL with your dad.

(bulkbiker) #3

I find that “mind you own f***ing business works” fairly well followed up with "I’m not eating that poison thanks I don’t want to die/go blind/lose my feet "(delete as applicable).



I am agreeing with Mark :slight_smile: but I am absolutely doing it in a more mild mannered approach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had to tell all I am eating how I want, when I want, and not one word from them is going to change how I eat…my own body will direct me and I don’t even get into the ‘why’ or anything about my eating plan cause they don’t wanna hear…they just wanna preach at me so it is best I put my foot down fast, say don’t waste your breath, let me be me and you be you and I smile big while saying all that and don’t listen at all to them…at the end of any PIA conversation I just say, ‘yea, sure, cool’ and go on my merry way.

it is annoying as heck but in the end you say the same thing in reply…and make up what you are gonna say in answer…and repeat it every time, they give up on ya :hugs:


It’s very easy, I eat whatever I want… I have experience, I was a vegetarian and well, my diet is way, way more restrictive than back then :slight_smile: I am lucky with my relatives and when it’s not the case, I ignore them very well.
Your case is simple: it’s posion to you. I guess it’s a bigger problem when one needs to fight with their own little tempting demons too…

No one even tried to force me to eat carbs, I think… Food in general, yes (and some of my relatives didn’t get my vegetarianism either). I said no when I didn’t want to eat (because I was full, eaten a TON already, I really could eat) and they yelled and I was pretty calm. It’s their problems, not mine. I am very good at being super selfish if it’s about MY BUSINESS. Even if I am not allergic, I put into my body whatever I want or have or something but other people’s desires have close to no effect on it. I don’t want, I don’t eat. My reason doesn’t matter, it’s my own decision and I have a right for it.

It’s way more problematic if the conflict is in someone’s own home especially if the one in question can’t get their own food… But I guess the chains inside (old habits, wrong believes, I want to please every, whatever) can be very bad as well. I have moderately little of them and if a food definitely harms me, it’s easy, that’s NOT food.

HOW to tell someone no or to shut up, it depends on our temper, relationship with the other person and so on. I have a temper, I am honest and I gladly argue for a little while especially if I see any point in it :slight_smile: But if I had such an encounter often, I probably would just ignore it. Less effort. I never ever would lie despite it’s a very beloved method to avoid eating (carbs or food in general).


As a first retort, “You do you, I’ll do me.”

If they push the envelope, I ask, “So would you like the long lecture or short lecture on carb addiction related health issues? You’re gonna get one now, so I’ll let you pick.”

If they still persist, I tell them to buy The Obesity Code, and read it.


The world needs more people like us.

(Peter) #8

“You eat all the poison you want, I’m not interested. And if you keep ringing me about it, I simply won’t answer the phone.”

It’s simple enough - they get a warning, then they get the promised action if they ignore it.

(Jack Bennett) #9

Depends on age.

If you’re an adult on your own, my approach is to be nice and then follow my own path. Example: “Hey, thanks Dad, I appreciate your suggestions” - you can appreciate somebody trying to help without agreeing with them. You don’t have to take their advice. You don’t have to get into an argument where somebody is going to be right and somebody is going to be wrong. You don’t have to engage with the content of what they tell you. You don’t need to get technical.

It also might make sense to change the subject. If they really won’t let it go, you can disengage politely - “hey, I don’t really have time to talk about (wheat, carbs, etc.) right now … great to hear from you … let’s catch up soon!”


I do not care or react. In one ear and out the other. If the person require response I may just give one of those long non committal mmmm answers.


I feel you guys are funny however I wouldn’t take this rude advice seriously.

2 wrongs don’t make a right.

Ghosting seems reasonable with anyone at this point because I don’t see how anyone would listen to the initial warning. A lot of people are set in their ways.

(Allie) #12

I don’t have people like that in my life but if I did and they tried that, I would tell them to cluck off and sort out their own lives.

(bulkbiker) #13

Nothing “wrong” in what I wrote?

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #14

Why stir the pot?

If face to face or not , I will say " I will think about that … "
If standing close to the family food spread, I will put a little on my plate and get rid of it at the first discrete opportunity…


I’m grateful I don’t have anyone close to me in my life that would say such things, but I would imagine I’d do one of 2 things: engage/educate on the health benefits of keto/low carb, or just nod and smile and still do my own thing. I’m an adult, after all, and take responsibility for my own health. But generally, I don’t care for conflict and wouldn’t be impolite towards them even though I believe it is rude to harp on what someone should or shouldn’t eat. unsolicited.

(Peter) #16

Why validate their opinion by pretending?

(Edith) #17

I would stick with the allergy excuse because for you, although it may not be an allergy in the stereotypical sense, you obviously have an adverse reaction.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #18

Because they will not change their opinion if I launch into a diatribe about why I don’t eat carbs.

Besides, what about my reply was " pretending " ?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #19

I pull out one of my hearing aids, give it shake and say something like:

“I think I’m picking up Thule. Something about launch sequence but it went by fast.”

(Peter) #20

Good thing I didn’t advocate for that then, isn’t it?

Not sure what more I can do given I quoted the bits where you were VERY clearly pretending.