How do y’all eat your kraut?

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I picked up a bag of Cleveland Kraut red cabbage/beet/carrot kraut from the hippie section of the grocery store and now I’m not sure what to do with it. It’s good, but to my Midwestern palate it’s very very strong and I couldn’t take more than a couple of bites.

Anyone have any serving suggestions or preferred ways to eat it?

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I eat homemade kraut probably something similar to what you have, live. So you can get lots of probiotic benefits from just 2 Tablespoon servings daily. Try mixing it with green salads, Tuna with mayo, as a condiment with fish or meats especially sausages, on a burger, a bit mixed into scrambled eggs right before plating, use your imagination. I generally like my kraut simple so it’s versatile. I just finished fermenting about 8 liters this last week and I eat about half a cup most days. I tend to just use cabbage salt and a seed like caraway or my favorite fennel. I also like to mix in coriander seed with the fennel. As you eat it more it grows on you, start small. You don’t want to cook it but you can mix it with warm cooked foods.

Often that sort of blend contains garlic. Not a favorite kraut addition for me personally for everyday use. You might enjoy that with certain things though. I prefer the cleaner crisp bright flavors like ginger and hot peppers better. One exception to that for me is kimchi. Try getting a second flavor that’s without garlic if the one you got has it. You might find it more palatable. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Mmmmm, get a couple of nice, fatty Country Style Pork Ribs. Bury them in a pot with the Kraut, add enough water to just about cover, then heat to barely simmer. Cook until the meat falls off the bones. Some type of dumpling is traditional, but not necessary.

Anyone have a Keto Dumpling recipe? Perhaps with Cauliflower?

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No garlic. Just red cabbage, shredded beets, carrots, and kosher salt. I was thinking of making adding it on some pulled pork? The beet flavor is really strong, I bet I could make something borscht-ish with sausage or something.

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Mmmm my favorite put on pork sausage, kraut (similar to raw crushed broccoli heads) is a powerful probiotic, better than any cancer fighting drug in the world.

Just make sure eat shrimp or something with a lot of iodine in it or it will strip or suck the iodine right out of your thyroid glad with a quickness.

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Sauerkraut leaches your iodine from the thymus? :scream:

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Well, poop. I loathe seafood.


I eat it with scrambled eggs - sort of mix them together. It might sound weird, but to me eggs are too bland and sauerkraut is too tart, so they offset one another perfectly. I have this every morning with bacon, as one of my TMAD.

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I just eat it as it is. Sometimes takes a few mouthfuls to get the taste for it :joy:

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isothiocyanate (…in kraut & raw broccoli heads) a/k/a: sulphoraphane & NFR2; The iodine vampire :bat: slurp slurp! :vampire:t2:‍♂

Another crazy thing these compounds do is incinerate (oxidize) glucose that spills over into the blood stream when storage has been replenished and take your iodine storage absorption capacity with it.

Horse radish is high in isothiocyanate need a darn respirator and eye protection just to chop it up but the stuff burns up glucose and kills cancer cells to.

”…Restricting salt, replacing iodized salt with natural unrefined salt, and consuming plant foods that generate isothiocyanate can all have their place in a healthy diet, but raise the risk of iodine deficiency. Here’s how to spot the problem and what to do about it. …” - Chris Masterjohn


[1] Fermentation-Assisted Extraction of Isothiocyanates from Brassica Vegetable Using Box-Behnken Experimental Design


Yikes!! I had no idea it could do that. I love Cleveland brand of kraut and eat 3 - 4 oz straight out of the container as a side dish when I have it, with some meat. I don’t ever cook it with anything as I think that might destroy it’s probiotic benefits.

I do eat sea weed as a treat now and then for the iodine as taking iodine drops makes me nervous. Hummm… I’ll have to rethink this.


I’m all for simple. Beer brats with lots of mustard.


I eat anything (but pure spices and similar stuff) all alone. I like sour stuff too… Sauerkraut is especially good for a snack :smiley: So when I still ate vegetables galore, I simply ate sauerkraut all by itself, even far from my other meals and tried not to eat the whole big bag right away… :smiley: My favorite comes in a can, it’s soft and has white wine, that’s wonderful and not too sour either (not like I mind sour myself).
But they are good with eggs and meat too. There are soups with it too, it probably harms it, not being raw but I am not sure. I eat most things for their taste (and nutrients, yes but only tasty ones).

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Rueben sandwiches or salads and simple brats, kraut and mustard. When making a sandwich I add caraway to the chaffle and for either salad or sammy I make a keto thousand island and always pair it with Jarlsberg cheese.

@David_Stilley has it right. It shouldn’t be cooked to protect the benefits of the ferment and the best krauts are simple, two or three ingredient jobs.

If it’s the beets that are off putting, give it to a neighbor and try one with cabbage only. If it just tastes too sour/tangy for your palette, give it a good rinse in cold water in a strainer. That’s how we intro it to virgin kraut palettes- it’s how it was introduced to me when I was little and how I introduced it to my kids.

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I have made a recipe for a “sauerkraut lasagna” of sorts and it is delicious! Has the ground meat mixture, the ricotta cheese mixture and the sauerkraut, delicious!