How do I know when my weight is where it should be?

(Robin) #21

I like to point out how the number we see in a scale is so subjective.
180 pounds when you are gaining weight is devastating.

But on the way back down, that same 180 pounds on the scale is worthy of celebration. And we think we look great.

So, really…. Your weight is always “where it should be”. It’s simply a reflection of where you are on your journey.

(Kirk Wolak) #22

That’s great insight right there. Thank you!

I will add that my wife and I have talked a lot, because I bounced back up a bit, but I am easily maintaining my current weight, and so many things are better now. Plus I tolerate more foods more easily.

I still want to lose 50 lbs and be back where I “should” be. But I am more calm about it. I now see my high glucose as a provable side-effect of the stress I have to endure to work. I can easily crush that with some long fasting… But then I find my brain is not working as well, and I can’t focus. (The opposite of many reports of deep ketosis). So right now I am cycling some dairy and other stuff in for 2 months, and building muscles. (I got very bored after 4 yrs of mostly carnivore). After 5 weeks with protein shakes and such… I am already bored of them, and crave just meat. I count that as a win. I will have the meat. And in 3 more weeks I will cycle to clean carnivore w/o fasting. Then a month with fasting. Then I will do another 2 months like this, but probably less dairy…)

Anyways, to your point. It’s about where you are going, not where you are at!

(Robin) #23

True to all that. I have the advantage of being retired, so no stress from work. I know I am lucky that I somehow managed to slip into my ideal weight, while cruising along and not tracking anything. Just stayed the course.

Love the body you are in today. You may be in the middle of renovations, but it’s got great bones!

(Allie) #24

I’m not looking at weight so much now, only thing I’m checking regularly is my waist measurement and as long as that’s where I want it to be, all good. Weight on its own is such a bad guide and not something to get fixated on.