How do I get my Patreon Badge?


(Mary Jo Koplos) #41

I too am a patreon supporter - for several months. Would love to get a badge.


Calling @richard - giver of the big badges :smiley:

I have given you the small badge and made “Patreon” your title. I can’t do the big one though - it is not one of my superpowers! Hope that helps.

(Mary Jo Koplos) #43

Thank you!

(Richard Morris) #44

If you use the same email address on patreon and the forums then it should automatically link up.

(Rob) #45

I signed up with Patreon last month and my pledge was made from my account yesterday (1 Feb). My Patreon and ketogenicforums emails match, but I don’t yet have the badge, so looks like the automatic process isn’t working. Can you please check when you get a mo.?

(Richard Morris) #46

Yup I checked you should have it … It could be that people who just signed up in January are not yet being sent by patreon, but I’ll follow up with discourse support to work out why it’s not linked you up.

(Rob) #47

Thanks dude!

(Rob) #48

I can see it now :slight_smile: thanks again.

(Karen Parrott) #49

I also need the badge. Thx ! Karen P


Would like the badge too, please. :thinking:


Yoooo-hooo? Badge, please?

(Richard Morris) #52

You need to have the same email address registered at patreon and here for them to align and automatically work


Ohhhhhhhhhh… OK thanks.

(Jacob Wagner) #54

Thanks @richard , How long does it take normally?


(Richard Morris) #55

I see the badge now - thank you for supporting us :slight_smile:

(Jason Blik) #56

I know this is an old thread- but I also am a Patreon and don’t seem to have the badge…