How do I contact an Admin?

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I created 3 accounts and finally realized it has to be either facebook or gmail…and only if you click the link, plus it won’t accept any other email address, so I did finally get signed up but now it won’t let me log in with my username and password, even though I am signed in because I am able to reply. I’m afraid if I get logged out I will not be able to log back in again.

So I’m pretty sure it’s because it is not sending out the email confirmations. I didn’t get any on either of the 3 accounts. But the last one actually logged me in and that’s why I can reply.

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Is the forum seriously forcing Facebook Logins or Gmail only? I don’t use either but I’ve been around a while. If so, that’s a huge spit in the face to anybody that respects their privacy.


I think it’s more likely related to the issue Richard posted here: Forums are a little grumpy right now

I certainly haven’t had any emails from these forums for a long while (whereas I used to get one if someone replied to one of my posts).

Mail is tricky with webhosts - it’s one of the things I do in my day job. A fairly thankless task.

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No, the forum is not forcing logins from Facebook or Gmail only. But you do have to have some sort of e-mail account somewhere.

What e-mails you receive are supposedly settable from your profile page. Give it a day or to before you decide that the changes didn’t take. There is sometimes lag in the system.

Lastly, to answer the title question of this topic: You can contact the admin staff by sending a private message to @ forum_admin (but omitting the space, of course).