Forums are a little grumpy right now

(Richard Morris) #1

We’ve had a problem in the forums since Dec 17th. Our mailhost has been refusing to send emails from the forum because we have too many invalid email addresses among our user email addresses. The practical result of that is that no one can get a new password mailed to them if they want to change their forum password. Also new users can not join the forum.

Currently working through the 1,170 undeliverable email addresses and putting those accounts on hold temporarily so we can get mail working again. Most people won’t notice any change. To those who did, or those who will, I apologize for the break in service. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:


How do I contact an Admin?

Thank you for the information.
of course any site has to weed out and cull the junk…go for it and make the site better user friendly then before :slight_smile: cool!


Thanks, Richard!

How weird, though–invalid email addresses? Have that many people moved on or is this some form of multi-username-for-lurking-purposes shenanigans?

(Richard Morris) #4

I think it’s mostly domains that no longer exist.

183 accounts deactivated. So they will have to reconfirm their email address when they next log in.

293 to go, but I’ll get to those tomorrow.

I also deleted 11M attempts to retry sending out emails so it looks like the forum is spamming our mail host who is rejecting everything. Sigh. Well I deleted those and the forum is looking a lot snappier.

I’ll finish clearing all the rejected emails tomorrow and hopefully the mail host will accept our mail again. :slight_smile:


bigger ya go and people love ya and find you, more headaches ya get :wink: :sunny:


I am, as always, in awe of anyone who understands computers beyond my mastery of Personal Settings.

We love you, Richard.

PS: The forums are already running better.

(Joey) #7

@richard Can’t thank you enough for figuring out what’s going on (and fixing things). I was afraid it was ME who was getting a little grumpy, so I’m feeling better already! :vulcan_salute:

(Allie) #8

Easier to kill off the inactive accounts maybe?


Thanks @richard - really appreciate your work on this.

The forums are pivotal to the success of so many of us (definitely for me!) - can’t thank you and @carl enough for creating them and keeping them up and active.


Thank you for the information.

(Jack Bennett) #11

Thank you for garbage collecting on behalf of the community :+1::grinning:

(Doug) #12

:smile: I thought this thread was going to be about strife, emotions, and disagreements among forum members. Even for this forum, there, things have been pretty smooth lately. And in general I’ve always been amazed how much nicer this one is, versus almost all the others I’ve ever experienced.

:clap: Very true! Well said.