How can I make good bison drippings?

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when you cook chicken or turkey thighs you get good drippings, the brown stuff leeches out of the bones. I would like to get the brown stuff out of bison rib bones but they don’t seem to do that. I don’t want broth but rather good drippings. if I took the meat out and continued to cook the bones in the oven would they eventually soften and make brown stuff?


Slow roast the whole thing in the oven !80 degrees. for several hours depending on size. Slow roasting too long is almost impossible, so err on that side. Wrap nicely in foil before roasting and you will get drippings, albeit of course a lean meat will not produce as much as a fatty meat.

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Thanks for your help. I’m wondering if I should just try cooking marrow bones. The brown stuff basically is marrow right? I’ve tried cooking the short ribs in foil and they were softer but kind of soggy. When I tried without foil they dried up. I’m really having trouble with them. I only do 1 or 2 at a time. I think what I’m after is tender and digestible yet crispy ribs plus the bone marrow. I’ll just keep trying.


Yes, the brown stuff in the middle is marrow, it’s very fatty and it’s considered a delicacy in many places. People eat it in fancy restaurants, they spoon it out of the bone.

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For good bison drippings, select one with an enlarged prostate.

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If you want tender and crispy, cook in foil and then open foil for a bit to crisp the outside. You can do a high temperature for step two, just keep an eye so you don’t dry them out.