Hosting a Keto night

(AnnaLeeThal) #1

I have had so many people contact me about Keto since I started. I think I counted up the Facebook messages and it’s at least 10, just on Facebook, and then many more people ask me about it in real life. So…I’m taking a tip from @carl and hosting a Keto night!

I want to make food that everyone will enjoy, but will not require too much of my attention once guests have arrived. I’m going to do it as an open house style event, so I’ll have food out for people to graze on. Maybe assorted meats and cheeses, pulled meat, wings, cheese dips, veggies and dip, pickle wraps, and a couple dessert items.

I want to have pamphlets out for people to take. I was also going to create a sample meal plan and grocery list.

Any other tips for me for hosting this kind of event? I would like to share my story, but I don’t really want to do an “all eyes on me” type presentation. I’ll probably order a couple books to set out for people to look at.

My plan is to make this a monthly event that ends up potluck style.

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I have no party planner credentials. so I can’t offer much but it sounds like you have a sound plan.


Bravo! Great initiative! Chances are, not only do you educate them, but show them how to do a keto night “meatup” in their home in the future.

Other food ideas that can be prepared day before and kept chilled: devilled eggs, lettuce wraps, mini meatballs with cheese center

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

Yes! I forgot about Satan eggs!

(I like to post memes!) #5

I love this idea!

(Karen Fricke) #6

BPC for them to sample. The idea of fat in coffee or tea sounds bad but tastes good.

(AnnaLeeThal) #7

Good idea. It’s going to be in the afternoon/evening, so tea would be good.

(Charmaine) #8

Fathead crackers, spreadable cheese, bacon/cheese crisps.


Sounds like bacon is, once again, the answer.

Wrap some sausages in a slice.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #10

BLT Dip was one of my fav party dips pre-keto and I plan to make it again with less tomatoes and more bacon. I’m planning on serving with cheese crisps, celery, and pepperoni chips. Fathead pizza dough chips would work well too.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #11

With an open house set-up a tv and/or laptop(s) running in a different room(s) with keto related interviews, TedTalks, etc… for people to wander in and watch.

(Richard Morris) #12

Love this idea - well done :slight_smile:


Wrap everything in bacon.

(Kathy L) #14

I like that term “MEATUP”!
One of my favorites for get togethers is bacon wrapped pickles! Use pickle spears (not whole) - they are great cold too!


I cannot take credit for that term…@carl and @richard’s invention.

Very clever term indeed!

(Mark) #16

Olives are good for a snack plate, the salad bar at my grocery store has about 7 or 8 different varieties of olives I throw those on the salad all the time,and blue cheese stuffed olives are the original fat bomb,or if you want something different maybe cucumber slices with olve tapenade on top,I better stop I’m making myself hungry

(Mark) #17

So Richard ,are there any Australian keto snacks or dishes us Americans should try that we might not think of,she could have a little international plate at her party with keto snacks from around the world,since the forum is worldwide I’m sure some other people might chime in I would be curious to see what suggestions arise

(Richard Morris) #18

Well vegemite of course … it’s a salty condiment for butter. Just don’t ask @carolT to prepare it for you.

Aussie Lamb … it’s all milk reared and grass finished. Come to think of it, Vegemite smeared on a Lamb Chop is pretty Aussie.

Oh also Balmain Bugs are pretty uniquely Aussie

Macadamias are native Australian bush food, but you have them in the States now too.

(Meeping up the Science!) #19

You just killed me.

I’m dead.

I’m a zombie typing whilst dead - slain by virtual vegemite.

(Mark) #20

That’s going to be the name of my new band,Virtual vegimite,that was funny