Honey is essentially pure sugar. Why do some people think that it has some sort of magical ability? It is sugar


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@islandlight Vegetables are not required for keto.

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I think you do fine, Laurie. Frequently, there’s an ‘aspect’ at work where it’s like people get religion about this or that.

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I’m pretty sure Amber O’Hearn drinks coffee.

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I can never give up my tea, being a Brit :rofl:


Personally, I don’t consider anyone a true hunter until they’ve soaked their clothes in doe essence for a month and lay on ground until a buck comes close enough, you can cut his throat with your Bowie knife. But that’s just me, I’m not here to judge. :wink:

Raw for pasturized?

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Thanks, everyone. I just got called out for eating “dairy” once too often.

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I’m not brit but I drink tea as well lol

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Lol well join us im sure you won’t get called out…I have sour cream… others have alfredo sauce and cheese so you’d not be out of place


Yep, it is sugar. The tastiest sugar I know but my body doesn’t care :smiley: Honey is the quickest way to give me some baby sugar poisoning (quite interesting, I consume, like, 3-4 grams and I feel my body nudges me to stop. if it’s alone, at least. I ate it GALORE 10-20 years ago… one of the best tasting things for me, except the huge sugary sweetness, of course. it’s like fruit. sugar and not good but hard to find anything tastier. good pork still have a shot and without the sugar. I don’t feel unhappy at all that I stopped eating honey)…
It may have some positive things in it, it’s not totally pure sugar and water but it’s mostly sugar and that totally offset all possible positive things it may have - that I don’t even need as I get it from better food.

IDK why is it religion to use rules, it’s normal for most diets. I don’t really use many rules, I enjoyed keto doesn’t ban absolutely anything… Carnivore is different, honey is clearly out there (how anything think otherwise, I can’t comprehend) but I do carnivore-ish… That still doesn’t allows honey, actually not even sweeteners but when I need to choose between non-ideal things, I often choose sweeteners as they don’t harm me but eating sweets every day isn’t my idea of a good woe - for ME. Others may eat sweets for every meal if it floats their boats.

Each to their own. My body loves extreme low net carbs so I try to eat like that. Honey is totally useless and a very bad idea to me. Others may enjoy it, sure. Not carnivores as it’s not carnivore food, though :slight_smile: (I feel a tiny bit bad with my animal sugars too and I am not even full carnivore. I can’t stick to keto for long either but honey? I don’t eat that on my off days, makes no sense to me, actually. Maybe once in a blue moon I will. Like pizza. I always planned to eat it sometimes at some good place. After 5 years I realized I don’t need it in every 5 years. Or 10. And then I wouldn’t even enjoy it… It’s good we humans can change. I almost never ate pizza before low-carb, by the way… But I abandoned so so many old favs without sacrificing anything…)

I couldn’t care less who eats honey and who don’t. I won’t. I don’t even know if I will make gingerbread this year… Probably not, I have rock painting now and it’s easier than suffering with my never good enough icing though I made some pretty stuff in the past and gifted them.
And me and temptation and sugar, that’s not a good idea. I have my limits and my track record is pretty bad. Especially in December though my very first carni times were then if i remember well (just for days but I had supply problems then and it was a drastic change, swapping plants for meat)…

Sorry, I wrote too much again.

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And to eat the honey the paleo way, you have to go to the hive and collect it. Without bee-keeping gear!


Well… I don’t think that person needs to harvest a Deer, as much as they need a date! :smile:

And I said I love to BOW hunt, not BOWIE hunt. :hocho: :deer::bow_and_arrow:

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Can only get pasturised near me. Doesn’t cause any problems though.

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I am a beekeeper and I can tell you the bees get REAL PISSY when you take their honey!!!


You have to ‘sweet’ talk them first. :wink:

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That sugar is glucose, not sucrose or fructose. Every cell in the body can handle glucose without a problem, so long as we don’t eat too much of it (which is of course why we restrict carbohydrate), whereas it is very easy to overwhelm the liver with fructose, especially since the same pathway also has to handle our alcohol and BCAA intake.

The way of eating has no truly good name. Amber O’Hearn has a blog post discussing this, and why neither “zero-carb” nor “carnivore” is a perfect descriptor. It’s a hard diet to define, too, because while all mammalian meat is acceptable, so too are poultry and fish, whereas I am not personally acquainted with any carnivores who eat the meat of amphibians or reptiles. Nor do they seem to eat insects, either, for that matter.

Some people cannot tolerate dairy proteins, which is perhaps why people get the idea that dairy is not permitted on a carnivore diet. This intolerance to proteins is quite a separate issue from not being able to tolerate lactose (which is the human default, unless you happen to have one of the two mutations in your ancestry).

And while coffee is a plant product, I defy you to find a carnivore who would tell you not to drink it, lol! (Though some carnivores drink only water.)


Had a friend south of me who did Bees for many years. Had all the gear, spinning tub, etc. and there is indeed definitely some work involved in the collecting of it too. …I always wondered what was in that smoke to make them all so mellow. :smile:


I know a guy who doesn’t Bowie hunt, but he does bow hunt and soaks his clothes. Fortunately he’s already married, but I think their relationship gets precarious every year during hunting season.


Well, I’m guessing he hunts alone, or his buddies just simply meet him at the hunting property then.

Anyone who has hunted long enough, knows one thing, that Bucks are not the same during the Rut. They can and will get quite aggressive. … And if it’s not a tree or bush, it’s competition for mating rites.


I never meant it like that of course.

All I am saying is in a zero carb/carnivore category asking a carnivore plan question, then carnivore plan information is what is the correct response. Keto plan, general LC plans, Paleo, The Zone Diet, Weight Watchers and more information is not needed…just carnivore info related to the question is the appropriate responses.

Hunting with a knife, arrow, gun, rock or anything else is still hunting. It is all hunting if the person is hunting an animal regardless of choice of weapon. So while it is scrutinized by others and judged on choice of weapon, yea I get that cause people will do just that :slight_smile: it isn’t the same as saying carnivores can and should eat sugar on plan. No sugar on carnivore. Period.

But I absolutely understand people will eat other things. Many are not pure carnivore all the time as many are not pure keto plan all the time and go off its eating plan guidelines. Yes I get that :slight_smile:

Is honey recommended on carnivore. No. Never. Done. Facing true plan guidelines. Now what anyone eats and doesn’t tell, hey it is what it is but when the cravings won’t go away or the backsliding begins then they face issues by their own hand and own choices cause if one follows carnivore guidelines as experienced by others who succeed, then you have greater chances of success of course, but this is true for anything that has guidelines out there to follow for the success of that plan or program.

12 step program. Ok to do only steps 1, 3, 7, and 10 and forget the rest? Nah I think it won’t work as well if you don’t do all 12 but of course those people who recommend that probably don’t have a clue on any of it so why bother listening to them :wink:

for carnivores who frequent full on carnivore eating chat and sites that offer all info carnivore, you will find people who have massive success and incredible healing, you will also find that 100% of them did not do it by eating sugar on plan…so…sometimes you have to give credit to what full on plan success as guided is the right way to roll ya know. but again, that will be subject to variations as a person has choices but when it boils down…doing a plan as guided is the best way for success cause if everyone is succeeding doing it that way, isn’t that maybe the best way :slight_smile: but if one wants to go rogue, then go for it. Everyone has free will here.

Nothing wrong with using carnivore in a jump in and jump out thru the week eating plan…but that person will also never understand the full plan, every day of the week and every day of the year healing from what the plan can give, won’t understand what it is to eliminate all plant foods ever in their body and experience changes that only that can achieve and more…but to use carnivore as wanted is a good thing :slight_smile: Many find the more carnivore they go the better they are and walk this way but some will find their best spots and hold, carnivore a few days and then eating whatever plan on others days and do great and are happy. Many, like me, require carnivore every day for my best. Thing is no one ‘on carnivore’ day is gonna suck down honey and say I had me a carnivore day today HA Carnivore day is animal products and while we know bees are animals that make a product, we also know it is a pure sugar intake. It has no other meat nutrition values to it therefore making it a no go for carnivore.

see with carnivore being such a tight elimination menu, what its purpose is meant to achieve can be achieved only by NOT eating the sugar and more so if you go off plan guidelines mostly you will never experience what this plan is truly about.

OK you know I am a big chatter of carnivore LOL

but yes everyone can chat in a carnivore thread if they want :slight_smile: not saying ever one can’t, but when in a carnivore thread it is nice if people remember that is the thread they are chatting in ya know, kinda keep to the eating plan at the heart of it because it strengthens the plan ideals, posting yea go ahead and eat sugar on a no sugar eating plan is just so wrong LOL


This is a really great point. The thing I would say to anyone lurking the carnivore threads but not feeling able to start because they can’t give up X or Y, is to do the best you can at first.

I tell this story a lot but I was horribly addicted to diet soda. Not a little - absolutely addicted, couldn’t bear to be without it, had only cut down through sheer willpower. I could drink it every minute of every day whether I was on SAD or keto or whatever - but I knew it wasn’t permitted on a full carnivore plan.

I went carnivore but added that concession for myself - and within a few days, I didn’t want the diet soda any more because it tasted horrible. I’m still amazed now and it’s almost a year later; I’ve not had a single sip.

So you can get into a loop of:

  • can’t start carnivore because can’t give up X
  • can’t give up X so can’t start carnivore

But if you start carnivore as best you can, there might be a good chance that your cravings for X diminish and disappear.

I’ve stuck 95% to the plan all along with only minor concessions - but I’ve really noticed what Fangs keeps saying; the more you break away from the plan, the more difficulties you have. It’s not about being dogmatic - it’s about feeling your best self. The closer I get to 100%, the better I feel - and that’s what I aim for now with those concessions having fallen by the wayside.

What is unfortunate is that so many carnivores see people (not here, on other sites) talking about carnivore not working but when you delve into the detail, it transpires that the poster was off plan more than they were on it but they blame carnivore for failing, when it’s really that they weren’t adhering to the plan. You probably wouldn’t blame a train for making you late to work if you’d spent the week catching a bus instead.

So if anyone is curious but feels unsure about the 100% all-in approach I’d treat it like a slide to get onto carnivore - and then once you’re doing it, you start to see the benefits to not having the extras that you couldn’t give up and suddenly, they become unappealing.

And as Fangs says, if you find a sweet spot that isn’t necessarily carnivore but is n=1 perfect for you which includes other things, then that’s great too. The goal is for us all to be healthier and happier.