Homemade Gummy bears

(Boston_guy) #1

I’m trying to get more gelatin/glycine into kid’s diet, so we made these with cherry juice. Weren’t sweet enough for his palette but we’ll tweak the recipe next time. He still gobbled them up!

Minecraft / lego / robot molds are next – that’s the hook to make it fun and I hope to get them fun enough to take to school.

(Sheri Knauer) #2

I was just researching the same thing for the same reason yesterday. I ordered some Everly Hydration drink powders that I am going to use to make gummies (mixing it with Great Lakes Gelatin). It should be here tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. Im going to follow this recipe http://mariamindbodyhealth.com/keto-gummies/

(Boston_guy) #3

Interesting! Looks like the Everly uses a mixture of stevia + erithrotol - same as HaloTop ice cream. Guess this combination produces a more “rounded” flavor without the weird off flavors.

(Sheri Knauer) #4

I hope so because I ordered to 4 pack, lol.

(Boston_guy) #5

We made a bunch today with blueberry juice and low-cal pink lemonade from Trader Joe’s. The taste was very mild and subdued after they set… basically tasteless. Also, we dirtied every mold we had.


  • add lemon juice, salt, erithritol to punch up the flavor
  • Test the flavor in bowls before using molds… get the flavor right!
  • some sort of oil/lube is needed for easier release from the molds. Not sure what a good one will be.

(Boston_guy) #6

These Lego molds are a total PITA. Gummies did not come out cleanly, and a run through the dishwasher did not clean them… gelatin is stuck in the little Lego holes.

Molds are more trouble than they’re worth…