Hiking and jogging

(Casey Crisler) #1

When I was diagnosed with T2d in May, I started walking 30 minutes a day as recommended. Now I’m hiking up the mountain near my house almost daily. I’ve even started jogging up the hill. I’m working to a 5k run at some point. Unfortunately because I live in Phoenix I have to do it real early in the AM or after the sun goes down. I wish December would get here already!


Good for you to be able to get out and increase your activity.

I live a bit closer to the equator than you and have to do the same thing, however I do my mountain bike riding at 5:30 to 6:00 am for an hour.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #3

Ughh! Here in MI I just calculated that our “summer” is already 1/3 over. Feels like we just got out of 7 months of winter.:weary:

(Chris McRoberts) #4

The struggle is real. I live in northern New York. 65 here today

(Alec) #5

I live in Aus, and it’s bloody freezing here today!!! :rofl::rofl:

(Casey Crisler) #6

Unfortunately our summer lasts until late Oct and sometimes mid-Nov. 30+ years here and I still hate it.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #7

Wanna switch locations? I’m getting so I hate winter. Love to be out in the sun.

(Jeff Gilbertson) #8

I was born in Phoenix, and have lived in Arizona for almost all of my 55 years (a couple years I was in the military).


And, the older I get, the worse the heat gets.

I have eight years until retirement, then we’re outta here.

(David Cooke) #9

Im 70, live in Thailand where it gets HOT and HUMID. I do my 1 Km run every morning at sun up, going for longer runs next week as I recently got my 1Km time below 8 minutes. It is important (for me) to have set goals and ambitions. I have entered myself for a 7Km “Fun” (big joke) run in February and reckon I can do it. Benefit of being an oldy: no admission fee!