Higher blood sugar

(Craig Lloyd) #1

Hey all,

As most of u know, iv been trying carnivore since last Monday, last couple of days iv had the runs, any idea howlong this will last? other then that, my blood sugars seem to be in the 6-8mmoland First bloods are higher in the morning

I’m mainly eating beef and pork, and eggs duck and chicken, drinking tea and coffee with aingle/double cream

I’m open to ideas or tips

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #2

Don’t worry about it. Even if you were eating keto before, there is still an adjustment to going carnivore. Give it at least three month, preferably six before deciding carnivore is not for you.

As far as your glucose reading is concerned, don’t worry about it. Look at some of the resources in the carnivore videos thread. Not all the links there are videos, some are blog posts, but all are useful for getting an idea of what to expect.

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Your liver thinks there is a carb shortage ( because there is… ) and is trying to adjust…

After a while it will say " Oh! OK…


My experience as well.

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OK I will see how the next week goes, i just don’t want to mess up my bloods as trying to get them as low as poss