High performance protein shakes

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I am new to all this and I hear so many different things. Is it ok to drink the high performance shakes while on keto? Will he make me gain instead of loose?

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Read the label. Stay sub-20 grams net carbs per day. Don’t eat stuff with seed oils (aka vegetable oils). Be aware that some folks are sensitive to casein and/or whey. Coconut oil and MCT are OK for most, as is red palm oil and cacao butter.


As usual for this type of question, the answer is IFFYM (“If It Fits Your Macros”). It’s totally going to depend on what is in the “high performance protein shake”.

So – check the nutritional label.

Your net carbs will determine whether you are in ketosis or not. How much you eat (or drink, in this case) will determine whether you will gain or lose weight.

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Ok. I am drinking one a day along with mct oil. Should I be drinking it in the morning?

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Please link to whatever product you’re asking about so we can examine it properly. I can’t really say much knowing nothing about it. Some may disagree, but I don’t think it matters what you eat at various times of the day. I start every day with a liter of keto coffee, but during the warm weather I often think I’d better enjoy an ice cold keto coffee smoothy instead.

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Why not just eat real food?

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I am to the point of no appetite right now so I figured this would help out.


No such thing as “high performance” protein shakes. Don’t fall victim to marketing. No, they won’t make you gain if they’re only protein shakes. However there are also protein shakes geared towards mass building which will be loaded with carbs which obviously stay away from. I drink about 4 a day plus my real protein from meals. Still loosing fat! Check ingredients though, there are a lot of crap ones out there.

Have you looked into why that may be?

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I just figured it is bc I have completely stopped carbs. This happened last time I tried.! This is what I am drinking along with f bomb mct oil in the mornings. I am just trying to get this right. I am so desperate to loos this weight.


They’ll work, but in the future just grab a regular tub of Whey protein and mix it up yourself. MUCH better both for you and tasting.

To give you an idea, my go-to protein lately is the bodybuilding.com signature series (think store brand). Had a descent ingredients list, but makes sense.

So some different protein sources, some gums for thickening, some sweeteners, some digestive enzymes for both the dairy and protein which is always a nice addon.

This is the ingredients list for that Equate shake

For (eating) a protein shake check this out, the brand of protein makes no difference, only that you like the protein your eating.

I consume most of my protein power this way. I usually use frozen blueberries, my wife does a vanilla whey with strawberry’s. I have an oatmeal cookie one that I do. Plus my ultimate “desert” Which is a chocolate brownie whey with cut up sugar free herseys and reccess cups and a little bit of peanut butter. It’s like eating a junk food sundae… and it’s NOT BAD for you! What’s not to love?

In any case, you need to start figuring out why you don’t have an appetite because that’s usually not a good thing. This I know from experience.

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Eat food that goes off, not things with an ingredient list as long as your arm.