High libido Increase in Aggression while on Keto

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Hello, Im new to the forum and Keto. English is not my main language so excuse me from any grammatical nonsense.

I started Keto Diet 2 weeks ago, My best Ketone Measurement was 2.2 Mmol/l during the afternoon (5 Pm) and my lowest was 0.3 after waking up (I know this is a thing, I should measure it 1 hour after).

So far, so good, in 25 days I lost 6kg (13.2 lbs) before keto I was doing Carnivore diet.

The thing is… since I started the Keto diet I started to realize Im getting more aggresive, like… I could punch someone, I have less patience and my libido also increased by a lot, wont comment more about that… libido just increased.

I want to clarify that Im not aggressive at all, as a matter of fact Im high on trade openness and agreeableness which is all the contrary to being aggressive mostly.

Did you people have experienced this while doing the Keto diet?

Thanks, Best Regards.

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First of all, welcome to the forums!

As for your questions, everyone is different. Your reaction is not typical, but then your path to the ketogenic diet is not typical, either. Most people cut their carbohydrate intake to ketogenic levels first, and then eliminate plant foods; you have started with the elimination and have now added plant foods back into your diet.

The increased energy you are experiencing is most likely a sign of fat-adaptation, and so is the increased libido. The aggression is not something I have heard of before, but it is likely a consequence of the increased level of energy. I suspect that things will settle down in a week or two. In the meantime, just try to ride it out and keep your temper under control.

I experienced increased aggression years ago, while being treated for a systemic case of poison ivy with a massive dose of steroids. For about forty-five minutes after taking the pills each morning, I was violently enraged and had to remember not to talk to anyone for a while. The rest of the day I could keep my temper under control. The point is simply that you may also have to develop strategies to maintain calm, especially when dealing with other people.

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Thanks for your response Paul, How did you know I started the Keto like this?

Yes, I started adding fats, cut CHO to 7.2Grs (Net Carbs Total), 100Gr Protein, no Plants except 1 avocado per day.

Now Im eating 100Grs of Broccoli with half avocado, 1 fried egg (with Olive oil extra virgin), 200Grs of red meat, so now I added Cruciferous plants. Dinner is the same except the meat, I eat Chicken.

I do hope aggresion gets low, I read somewhere (Maybe here) that Keto usually up the amount of free testosterone on the blood, which could explain both things, the libido and aggression.


Low serotonin causes aggression. Bonding with a significant other, exercise, massage, Vitamin D and maybe also deep breathing increases serotonin levels. I’m sure there’s other ways that I’m forgetting.

Vitamin A stimulates an enzyme in the brain which prevents the breakdown of serotonin. Maybe try a boiled organic carrot or half per day at dinner?

Carbs also increase serotonin but it’s cheating.

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Mmmm… now that Im eating less than 10 grams of CHO, could be this, it could be low serotonin because before I ate more CHO even during the Carnivore Diet (but no more than 50 to 60 grams).

Could this be it? or maybe it is true that it causes the increase in testosterone? Maybe both.

Thanks for your input.


Any new “supplements” or anything? (no judgement here if so, I use a lot of stuff). Keto can tweak your hormones but typically not that fast and not have results like that. Cranked up aggression AND libido going way up like that sounds like a high androgenic effect, don’t see keto doing that.

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All the fits in my mind

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No Anabolic steroids use. I have multivitamins, potassium and magnesium.


Also nothing in the performance realm? No sports supplements from iffy companies? The agression WITH libido increase is a weird one man, half good half bad I guess.

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No supplementation, I can’t do sports Im in a country where we still have an ongoing Quarantine, I can exercise every odd day (today for example) and I usually jog 20 min at 70% my Max Cardiac Freq and walk the rest 40 Min.


High libido is normal while in ketosis with low adipose tissue and without calorie restriction. Genetics also play a role to a degree.

How’s your salt intake? Sodium is required by the serotonergic system and either too much too soon or too little may cause issues.

Another way to increase serotonin and other neurochemicals is mimic being in a relationship with prolonged masturbation without porn and ejaculation. Just laying in bed and playing with yourself for an hour or more. Doing this multiple times a week will lead to smelling as if you’re in a relationship. The body eventually produces pheromones which are meant to keep the opposite sex in love.

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Mmmm interesting.

I thought masturbation lowers Testosterone. I like Testo Im not complaining, coz it’s an anabolic hormone for muscle and I think it assist in burning fat (tho Im not sure how much).

In regards of sodium, I have no IDEA how to measure it, I sure do like my meals salty, can you teach me how to measure sodium?

Best Regards!

EDIT: Wait… if you do that… that means you can be more “attractive” to women? because of the pheromones? Man… I came here for keto but Im staying for this kind of tips! :grin:


Ejaculation spikes prolactin(bonding hormone) and prolactin lowers testosterone/estrogen.

Testosterone has been shown to increase lipolysis. Good hunch.

I don’t measure. I salt my food with pickling salt based on instinct and suck on salt based on instinct. Our auras are wiser than our calculations.

@PaulL Can advise much better if you’d like to measure since he’s knowledgeable on the salt subject.


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Serotonin is a very useful hormone, needed and manufactured throughout the body from its precursor, tryptophan. Dr. Lustig explains in one of his books that serotonin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so the serotonin needed by the brain has to be manufactured there from tryptophan that has managed to make it to the brain, without being hijacked and turned into serotonin elsewhere in the body. The foods rich in tryptophan are well-known, and many of them work well as part of a ketogenic diet.