Hi guys

(Brison) #1

Newbie here. Just saying hi. Not new to Keto as such generally know what I’m doing. Just have a problem actually sticking to it for long periods of time. Haven’t done it in a year so weight has ballooned.
Joined primarily to learn and as a form of commitment. Keep me off the carbs and off the booze.

(Allie) #2

Welcome and good luck :grinning:

(Edith) #3

You will find plenty of support and encouragement from the members of this group.


congrats on trying again but key being ya gotta want it bad enough to stick to it :slight_smile: that applied to each and every one of us who changed our health lifestyles to the better and got results and keep them long term. Pure commitment is the literal foundation key to it all :slight_smile: Wishing you the best, go all in and go for it!

(Robin) #5

Carbs and booze. You are speaking my language… and many folks on here. And you’re smart to tackle them together. Once low carb works it’s magic and greatly reduces your food cravings, it makes all things easier. Stay connected here… good news and bad. Good luck and welcome back to yourself.
You got this. And we got you.

(UsedToBeT2D) #6

Remember, if you are not moving toward your goals, then you are moving away from them.
I think Brian Tracy said that. Wise words to live by.

(Laurie) #7

Welcome! Support plus commitment is a great combination. Good luck. I look forward to your posts.

(Brison) #8

It’s the strangest thing. I drink far too often and crave it often. However when I dump carbs I seem to lose interest in drink. And it’s usually drink that I end up stopping keto diet for. Someone’s birthday, a big football game whatever. Then it’s anything goes and Keto is off. Genuinely think carbs are addictive and they’re the hardest addiction to overcome

(Tim Cee) #9

Just got reminded that cheat days arnt worth it. It’s always less fun than expected and makes me sicker than I remembered. Keto is just good. Working on making it a mental habit.

(Robin) #10

Do you believe in Carbma?

(Tim Cee) #11

I’ve been told carbma is a mean old lady that poisons her children six times per day. Is that who you speak of?

(UsedToBeT2D) #12

It’s a horrible way to die. (And live).

(Robin) #13

Exactly. Don’t mess with her.

(Robin) #14

LOL For sure!

(Edith) #15

This is an awesome podcast. I’ve listened to several interviews with Dr. Chris Palmer and I think he is awesome! Somewhere at the beginning of this episode, he discusses how keto helps with alcoholism. (Not saying your an alcoholic, just the the topic fits the discussion. :grinning:)


I did low-carb for years and this year (June 4) we decided to do zero carb (animal only, no booze) and it has been the EASIEST no-hunger way to trim down. Husband and I are both down 30 pounds with no particular effort other than eat meat and wait. Consider - it’s way easier (at least for us) than low carb.

(Robin) #17

So much to love here!