Here we go!

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Bob, I have your recipe, and I do use it when I get the gumption to actually make ice cream.

This shows why ice cream causes hunger:

Hard to see (my data is at home, so I can’t blow this up), but I had 2 slices of ice cream pie, where the 7.0 (=126 US units) is, and you can see my blood sugar plunge into the red. That’s hunger.

Every time I eat (real) ice cream, this is what I get: hunger. Even though I probably ate 1+ days worth of calories.

(Central Florida Bob ) #22

You know that old saying that dogs have owners while cats have staff?

It’s an understatement.

(Central Florida Bob ) #23

Is it “real” ice cream, as in sweetened with sugars that contribute carbs? I’m just wondering if it’s a food sensitivity to something else.

Before I started making my own, I bought that brand (Rebel) that advertises they’re sweetened with erythritol and label it as keto - safe. If you want to try something else.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #24

Dog: These people love me, they feed me, and they give me everything I need. They must be gods!

Cat: These people love me, they feed me, and they give me everything I need. I must be a god!

(Jane) #25


I am down to one cat and one dog and this is so true!!! Cats have never forgotten they were worshipped in Egypt LOL.

(Central Florida Bob ) #26


Add in that if you get behind in the worship you’re supposed to do, they will remind you. Most of the time - verbally.


Cats amuse me. We are good acquaintances with our cats, definitely not the dynamic people usually talk about. Very convenient. Dogs bring lots of responsibilities and work I don’t want and my attitude is much more similar to cats’ where it matters in our relationship so I understand and like them better. They are free spirits, not closely connected to me. I don’t follow them, they don’t follow me (usually). I consider them half wild beasts, I just sponsor them and stuff. And they give me some nice things back, some more than the others. Nice deal but it’s not really business, more like me indulging my hedonism and altruism.
They are super stubborn too. I can understand that as I share that trait. It works well, we have good and independent enough cats. I tentatively call them ours but as I wrote, it’s more like sponsorship, they are their own. I never really liked keeping animals (it’s okay if they seemingly are just fine but it’s not near ideal for many species) and I don’t keep them while I can enjoy them, perfect.

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There’s a line from an old movie that refers to one of the characters as having, “an excess of personality.” That’s this cat. He’s a rescue cat we adopted in July of 2010, so just about 14 years ago. They said he was 3, but we honestly don’t know. Is he 17 or 18? Probably. Forget that stereotype about being aloof. If he’s awake, he wants to interact. He’ll sit between us here at the computers or in front of the TV and if both of us aren’t actively petting him at the same time, he’ll remind the one that isn’t petting him, usually by tapping my arm or my wife’s face (she’s shorter, so her face is closer to him).

A few years ago, his routine annual vet visit said his blood counts were off and we needed to start him on steroid pills. He had lost some weight, and lost a tooth. Honestly, we expected to lose him back then and probably went overboard on trying to take care of him because now it’s expected.

We had two cats at the time, this guy and a girl we adopted a month or so before him. She passed away from cancer in December of '22. She was Siamese. He talks more than she ever did.

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That was real ice cream, with sugar. I usually eat real ice cream and don’t eat fake, as the store-bought fake stuff seems to cause me some gastro issues the regular stuff does not. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CGM anymore so can’t gauge what happens with fake ice cream.

I plan on making some ice cream with mostly fake sugar (other than real chocolate chips) this weekend. I’m trying to get our kids liking fake sugar, which they don’t. But I’d rather see them eat ice cream made with allulose than ice cream with sugar.

I don’t eat ice cream much, less then 10 times a year. If I want something “sweet”, I’ve been eating Maria Emmerich’s puddings, which are way easier to make than ice cream. And her high protein ones are pretty good. They use almond milk, though, and I keep asking my wife to use coconut milk instead. If comparing the boxed versions, there’s only another gram of fat and about 10 calories per serving for the coconut, and I’m assuming a lot fewer oxalates. But she still wants to use the almond milk.


Ice cream without added sugar is real too.

And sweeteners are real sweeteners, not fake sugar, to me at least. They are merely sweet, they have nothing to do with sugar… Doesn’t even taste like sugar though xylitol is very very close to glucose taste wise…

My ice cream has real sugar, lactose, by the way. So no one can call it fake :smiley: It’s just not the sugary, watery “normal” thing I wouldn’t like at all. But I never want ice cream so my opinion may not matter much even for me…

Which of them have you tried this far? I hate almost all sweeteners and many people are like that. But there are many options. Sometimes the amount is the problem. As I am fine with erythritol but if I make something really sweet with it, I dislike it.

Oh. Is normal keto ice cream so difficult to make? It’s almost no work for me as I need the whipped stuff for my common dishes anyway. I just mix it.

Why is it a problem? It’s basically water, it barely has any almonds or anything… That can’t be so much oxalate… Can it?

(Bob M) #31

27 mg of oxalate per one-cup serving. So, about half that per serving of pudding (makes 2 servings, though we usually pack into two large and two small). That website suggests 50mg per day or less, so you’re about 15mg or so with one pudding.

Whether that’s high or low depends on what else you eat.

For the pudding, cook eggs, put in blender with other stuff, poor out. Wash out blender.

For ice cream, you might have cooking, but even without that, you’re dumping into an ice cream maker, then waiting for it to turn a while, put mix ins in there, putting it into a container to freeze. You then have to wait for the ice cream maker to thaw, clean it out, along with the stuff you put in it. Then wash it, refreeze it.

I should write down everything I do. Anyway, one Saturday, I got up and changed the pump on my AC unit. Then I went to the in law apartment, then removed the bathroom fan, cut more drywall to fit the new bathroom fan, put the new fan in, tested it. Then went outside and cut stuff down in the yard for a few hours. Then went to dinner for my 18 year anniversary.

And that’s a normal Saturday (other than the anniversary).

During the week, I’m usually lucky to get on the chair by 8pm, then watch a show so I can go to bed at 9pm. And I’m probably folding laundry while watching my show.

If I can lose 10-15 minutes off something, that’s time I gain to do something else (even if it’s watching TV). So, any difference between two things is a difference, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes.

And, no, my kids HATE anything that has fake sugar in it (and, no, fake sugar is not sugar; the physiological manifestations are completely different). That’s what makes them so freaking hard to feed. That, and like everyone else, carbs taste great to them. Steak or bread? Meat or chips? The meat isn’t winning.

(Central Florida Bob ) #32

When I first started making my ice cream, I used Swerve erythritol in the confectioner’s sugar consistency. I kept coming across good stuff on allulose and how much better it was for cooking than the sugar alcohols but hadn’t tried it. Mostly because it was way too expensive for me. I’m used to “go buy a 5 lb bag of plain old table sugar” for a couple of bucks. I finally tried it a while back when Splenda (the brand) started selling allulose in 3lb bags for less than any other source I knew. I’ve since tried a new brand that has a 5lb bag at the lowest price per ounce I’ve seen.

The difference in the ice cream was primarily in having a better texture, but it was night and day.

I like the taste of erythritol, and still have it in my coffee and hot teas, but allulose wins for ice cream and things like barbecue sauce (I buy that, not make it, but it has allulose in it). It acts more like sucrose and even caramelizes.

Lately there have been a bunch of videos on allulose actually having health benefits. I thought Nicholas Norwitz’s video called “Allulose: Nature’s Sweet Ozempic?” had some interesting stuff to say.


Get yourself some Berberine, start using it! OR, if you want to become Insulin sensitive same day, Semaglutide (it IS all it’s cracked up to be) Plus, at your BG levels, you should seriously consider that. being a T2, unlike most people, that may be paid for. That aside, putting on muscle is the best way to get rid of excess glucose, it up’s your RMR so easier to burn off fat, and then the laundry list of others like looking/feeling better, longevity, harder to physically injury, etc.

I’d personally suggest against the fasting, scale weight going down because you’re losing muscle isn’t a win, hurts your glucose sensitivity and lowers your metabolic rate.

I wasn’t an athlete, but very much into lifting when I was younger, also turned couch potato and ever worse, an IT guy, so super sedentary. Hit 300lbs, got back into lifting in my early 30’s, did a huge list of crazy things, but it ended with me at 215 currently with bodyfat in the 10’s. So your goals aren’t lofty, you can absolutely do it! But just be honest with yourself, end goals, and reality of hitting them in any given timeframe, with your BG levels, you’re chemically at a disadvantage, even with keto (which WILL help huge though). Nothing wrong with (certain) meds to get you out of it.

I’m also (still) very much an Ice Cream addict, wouldn’t give it up for anybody, now it’s just Protein Ice Cream that I make. I eat a pint a day! Also, it DOES taste like real ice cream, no gross copycats.

(Bob M) #34

Thanks for that, Bob.

For the pudding, we’ve been using powdered allulose, but the one you recommended would be good for ice cream.

I’ll let you know what the kids think this weekend.

By the way, I made a Maria Emmerich PSMF ice cream. It’s the first thing of hers I thought was bad. Really bad.


Oh I try to avoid washing a blender, I never would make ice cream or pudding or whatever if that would require so much work… Except when I am very curious, I did try the pudding. I didn’t like it so much, not even the raw yolk version (it helped a lot but I have so much better treats). I love my desserts super creamy (and highly fatty), I don’t even like the steamed egg pudding as a sweet treat, I only eat the savory version made with broth.

I have no ice cream maker so I just mix yolk and cream (I have both whipped anyway so that’s no extra work) and whatever little else I use :smiley: I do try to mix them half-frozen if I remember but it’s not necessary. Good enough for me :slight_smile: The texture obviously can’t be as great as that of a normal ice cream but I don’t mind at all. It’s creamy and a tiny bit airy, good enough. I suppose losing all the powdered matter that others use as sugar or sweetener changes the texture too but what can I do? I don’t want it to be much sweeter, that would ruin it for me. But it’s fine, I don’t try to eat ice cream when it’s frozen solid, I wait a little bit and all is well.

If I just wanted a treat, I could eat whipped cream (frozen or not) or sour cream and that’s it. I only make ice cream to use up yolks and maybe add variety… No, more like I cling to my good recipes even if I don’t desire the food anymore. Still enjoyable. Not as much as whipped or sour cream though, they are pure bliss :smiley: I buy lactose free cream if I can, that’s so sweet, really don’t need any sweetener even if I want something sweet. And if I eat all those carbs in a dessert, it’s good that they are actually properly sweet… Not very very sweet, I don’t want that.

Of course not. They are not fake and not sugar. They are very real sweeteners, just sweet. Yes, most sweet things are sugars but there are exceptions and many sweeteners are in nature too. Quite real when it’s in a leaf, to me. But I understand we consider different things real and fake. I actually don’t really have a concept of fake food, I am uncertain when people talk about such things. So I try not to think about those and definitely not to write it down in the future.

Your kids are weird. I loved my carbs but I loved eggs and good pork WAY more. I loved everything but boring chicken as a kid. I ate everything and a lot. That wasn’t good either but could have been worse indeed.
Fat and protein tastes so super good, nothing can taste better, it’s so odd to me when someone doesn’t like them (well the tasty ones, there are fats and proteins I don’t want. all very lean meat, for example)… But I have heard about kids being problematic in that area. There was a traditional veggie dish famously disliked by kids, no one wanted it in nursery school except me.

Lucky kids, no one ever gave me steak. I really should try it just once, the carnivores on this forum are into it and I am mildly curious… Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I got some good ruminant meat as a kid and not always just boring chicken that finally drove me into vegetarianism (I would have done more to avoid eating it every Sunday but it worked). Never regretted it, by the way, I loved my vegetarian diet and kept it on keto too until I realized I need to go lower with carbs. And the carnivores were too charming and my beloved vegs suddenly stopped being tempting. It was a surreal change.
But I digress as it is my wont.

Allulose… I like to try out all kinds of stuff but allulose isn’t something I can buy here and at this point it doesn’t even matter I suppose :slight_smile: (I still will try it if I can, most probably.) I use real carnivore sugar now, lactose :slight_smile: But if I wanted my ice cream being real sweet, I would just use banana, it’s a great flavoring too and one of my fav fruits. Always liked and used it on keto (my old ice cream had no dairy except maybe a tiny butter… it was mostly yolk and banana helped there a lot) but then came carnivore and well, my tastes changed. I still adore bananas but I don’t need them anymore. I have cream now.

How much do you need for that effect? My whole family belong to the group where lack of added sugar very quickly results in a drastic change of sweet perception so we can’t enjoy the “normal” level of sweetness. There are things that help though, small amount of ice cream with unsweetened chocolate and maybe cake (my SO doesn’t like to eat ice cream without some cake, I make a tiny microwave thing, I can just skip the sweetener). But unnecessarily much sweetener in something, I hardly could do that.

Obviously. Ice cream MUST be fatty, it’s non-negotiable. But PSMF recipes has it hard anyway as the ingredients aren’t tasty. At least the egg whites are tasteless, I don’t know if she uses something tastier or what that can be… I am biased as I dislike everything too lean. Except boiled egg whites, I love them for some reason but I still don’t eat them all alone. The leanest I can do (without meat) is 3 boiled eggs with only one yolk, that’s enjoyable for me (with some flavor, I usually use mustard). It seems I only handle lean stuff to some extent if they are savory. I always loved my sweets very fatty.

(Central Florida Bob ) #36

I can’t really answer “how much is needed.” I started with somebody’s recipe I found online that used 1/2 cup each of Splenda and erythritol and haven’t experimented a lot with it. I cut the Splenda down a little - to 1/3 cup but it was so long ago I don’t really remember why.

If it helps to convey the level, I can say that a lot things like ketchup or barbecue sauce or condiments like that are now too sweet for me and I take less sweetener in coffee than when I started.


It helps little as they must be INSANELY syrupy now (never tried BBQ sauce but saw the ingredients, OMG… I ate ketchup like 20 years ago, maybe 15 and it was very sweet back then but interestingly, I still liked it) and I only accept serious level of sweetness in sweet desserts (ketchup on pizza was a surprising exception but it’s in the distant past).
For desserts, it depends it has some bitter-ish in it (cocoa or coffee) but 10% sugar level of sweetness is probably tolerable for me. My SO is the same and he happily eats fruits all the time and fruits can be way too sweet to me (but tiny amounts solve the problem).