Herbs and spices


So I have used some herbs and spices in my food for decades. The art of cooking and all that. Certain combinations suggest different parts of the world, and I have always enjoyed regional flavors.

But, lately, I have been using less and less herbs and spices, and it’s not because it doesn’t fit with my type of Keto. I just have started to appreciate the natural flavor of things more.

Anyone else lose their interest in herbs and spices over time in Keto, or do you think it’s an age thing?

(Robin) #2

I’m with you 100%


I think it started with carnivore when I started to eat meat… I mostly eat pork and it only needs salt to be perfect… And eggs only need some meat product…
I never was good with herbs as I just don’t feel combos, with a few exception (fried carrot is nice with butter and rosemary. I almost never ate it but it is a nice combo). And herbs are green leaves and I mostly dislike green leaves, they taste grass to me except a few like spring onion leaves, they have a nice taste. But I used other spices. Not overly much, I still can’t wrap around my head around the instructions of some BBQ spices I still buy (I started it recently, even. I eat chicken too and cheap chicken is pretty much tasteless)… 800g meat, 33g spice (14g of it is salt)… It’s 7 times as salty and like 4 times as spicy as I can handle, do people really put so much on things? Or it’s a rub and the meat loses a lot along with the oil? I never marinade things, I don’t know how these work… I use a packet for months on different things :smiley:

So I still use spices, I love variety but I usually eat tasty things to begin with and they don’t need any. So my spice consumption is tiny so I can relate!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

Me too. I never thought that would happen. I had herbs and spices, mainly spices, every single meal.
I used Nigerian level spice, and trust me, that’s very hot. One of my favourites was a Ghanaian hot fish sauce called … a banned word lol .

(KM) #5

I still like complex spicy ethnic dishes, but my “everyday palate” is happy with salt and pepper.

(Geoffrey) #6

My taste for seasoning has diminished. At first it was just about eating as cleanly as I could. Then as I used just salt I found that I started noticing the real flavor of my food.


I use slightly less seasonings, as going keto resulted in more of the natural flavors coming out of not only meat but the veggies/fruits I still eat.

I love lots of ethnic dishes, so I still use a wide variety of peppers and herbs and spices, just not as much as before.