Herbes de Provence

(Walt ) #1

As I was looking for herbs to really compliment the chicken thighs I want to make for my Keto meals I came upon this French combination of herbs that has rave reviews and thought I would share it. Seems Walmart has a high quality mix at a very good price

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #2

I’ve used them befoore and they are great. A little lemon and that spice on asparagas or brocollini is amazing Great on Cod as well.


Might want to grind those a bit. And the flavors will work better. Grind as you go is good.

That mix is also good on steaks.


I use it all the time! But I buy mine from specialty spice shops to get the freshest possible herbs and spices.

I also use another called Fines Herbs. Great on fish!