Hemp Seed nutrition


(Jay Morris) #1

Just thought I would throw this out there (moderators please move it to a correct forum if needed)
I use hemp seeds to provide a bit of a boost to my meals.
Typical serving for the brand I like is 3 Tablespoons and that provides

170 calories
13 grams Fat (Omega 3 and 6)
10 grams Protein
3 Grams Carbs
3 Grams Fiber

Give it a shot , typical bag is only a few dollars.


Interesting, what us the omega 3 to 6 ratio. What type of omega 3?

(jketoscribe) #3

I like hemp seeds, but moderation is key because they (like all seeds) have a lot of phytoestrogens. Too much is detrimental. So I wouldn’t go eating them in place of other proteins and fats.

But once or twice a week I make a “faux oatmeal” and I really like the texture they provide. More rarely, I make a microwave “bread” and adding hemp seeds gives it more of a whole grain texture I enjoy.

(Jay Morris) #4

You know, I really don’t know the answer to this question… I try not to get really overly technical on food, it simply works to ruins the value to me at times.

(Jay Morris) #5

I really do enjoy them greatly, but have to be honest “phytoestrogens” is not a word I am readily familiar with.
What will happen if I eat allot of them?

(jketoscribe) #6

Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like compounds. They have the same effect as taking estrogen, so they can disrupt hormones. They are found in other foods too, especially seeds–soy is the most common example, and flax is a close second. Some people seem to ingest significant amounts with no issues, but others are more sensitive to them. I was eating a lot of flax, and experienced really heavy bleeding–so severe it caused me to have anemia. Males can have more feminine characteristics like “man boobs” if they ingest a lot (I’m not sure how much is a lot–I think it might vary person to person).

It’s not my intention to put a damper on your enjoyment of hemp, just to caution that you should use moderation because it does have REAL physiological effects. I saw a recipe that suggested hemp in place of couscous as a sort of side pilaf with a meal, and I would say that a 1/2 cup or so serving is probably too much, but may be OK for most people if done infrequently.

I like almonds and almond flour, so sometimes it seems like I’m ingesting a lot of almond flour–it shows up in multiple recipes I use throughout a week (note: I’m really trying to reduce the amount of almond flour because there are negative consequences to high levels of Omega 6, too). If I ingested that much hemp, that would be very bad for me. But I had no idea that flax was going to cause problems for me until I experienced those problems (and had to do a lot of googling to identify the source of those problems!) . I’m just trying to raise awareness. Enjoy hemp, but don’t overdo.

(Jay Morris) #7

I appreciate you taking g the time to explain it. It’s something i will have to look further into.

(Rebecca) #8

Hemp seeds are illegal to consume in Australia & NZ.

(Jay Morris) #9

Actually I have not found anything supporting hemp seeds having any trace of that stuff…can you provide me a link?

(Jay Morris) #10

That’s terrible, they are delicious.
Of course I am talking about raw shelled seeds.
I understand that the shell actually contains any levels of THC, but the inside is of no worry.

(Rebecca) #11

Apparently there is a review going on at the moment.

This is the reason it was rejected last time

“Ministers were concerned that the availability of hemp seed foods may send a confused message to consumers about the acceptability and safety of illicit cannabis and pose problems for drug enforcement agencies.”

So the ministers involved think that Australians are so stupid we can’t tell the difference between eating hemp seeds and buying and smoking dope.

Hopefully they will come to there senses.


That’s just crazy.