Hemorrhoid supplement discussed in Episode 14

(Richard) #1

Hoping this is the correct place to post this but Mods please move if there is a more appropriate spot.

I’m listening to through the archive and while listening to episode 14 with Tom Seest he mentioned some liver enzyme and other supplements that could help with hemorrhoids. Does anyone know what supplements he may have been referring to? Milk Thistle was the only one he said by name but would love to give them a try for my own issues.


(Tom Seest) #2

My hemorrhoids have always come on during great times of stress, and my chiropractor / functional doctor got me to take these two supplements, along with Milk Thistle (I don’t remember the band of Milk Thistle).



Using these three, my little buddies disappeared within a day or two.

(betsy.rome) #3

@tdseest can you share what dosages your doc suggested? TIA.

(Tom Seest) #4

I believe I just followed the instructions on the bottles. I don’t remember special dosing.

(betsy.rome) #5

Thanks Tom! :bacon:

(Richard) #6

Thanks Tom! I get them occasionally and are most likely stress related as well. They are obviously something that is uncomfortable to talk about and when you said you had treatment I just had to find out so I could give it a chance.

One last question, do you take the supplements only when you have a flareup or do you take them occasionally as a preventive measure as well?

(Tom Seest) #7

Only when my little buddies come to visit.:smiley:

(Paz Efrat) #8

Hi, Just researching Keto and Hemorrhoids to see if this could help out my brother. Have others here tried these supplements above and found them to be helpful in preventing Hemorrhoids?

(Laurie) #9

I don’t know about supplements, but. . . .

I had hemorrhoids for years but just suffered along. A few years ago I got into the habit of going for a daily dip in the ocean. I didn’t swim, just splashed around for 30-60 seconds and got out. My rhoids disappeared and never came back. I don’t know whether it was the salt, other minerals in the water (e.g., magnesium), or the cold water (it was cold).

I hope you manage(d) to find relief!