Helping my parents follow keto - NEED LOTS OF ADVICE



He cannot do supplements for iron?

(Edith) #22

Just a few days of increased iron is not going to make an instant improvement. Making more red blood cells takes time. That’s why one is supposed to wait 6-8 weeks between donations.
I would have him get his iron tested again in a few months.

Edit: Also, if he sticks with keto, he may be able to go off of those meds over time.


I too was in need of an iron supplement based on hair loss and the chronometer app. I started small with a children’s dose and that was all I needed. Perhaps that would be enough of a start.

(Bob M) #24

I give blood all the time, in fact they just emailed me that I’ll be up to 4 gallons at my next appointment. And that’s wrong, by a long shot, as they are missing many years before they started their new system.

Anyway, they ask me each time I go whether I’m taking an iron supplement (have never had to), and they recommend taking a supplement (for people who aren’t me, I guess).

So, an iron supplement seems to be in order. That, and if it’s possible to get off whatever drug he’s on that interferes with iron absorption, make that a goal.

I like (love?) beef liver. It has to be cooked quickly, as in maybe a minute or so under med high heat, then flipped, another minute, it’s done. But I know many who don’t like it.

Regular beef has a lot of iron, and it’s in an easily absorbable form.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #25

I used to enjoy giving blood, but I haven’t been allowed to donate for the past thirty years, being a gay man and all.

(Laurie) #26

Well, you give a lot here. It’s much appreciated.

(Lesli Ross) #27

My dad said he would take molasses right before and his levels would be good enough to donate. I don’t know why or if that works. The molasses isn only 2% of the DV so I kind of assumed if I packed his day at 120% of his necessary iron requirement, it would work. I still have to read up on absorption of molasses I guess.

(Lesli Ross) #28

This is a good idea. My mom said he was on an iron supplement at some point, but she thinks the doctor told him to stop it, for some reason. Lol. Not very helpful unfortunately.

(Lesli Ross) #29

Update - for those who are interested.

Great news! My dad is down 20 lbs in 3 weeks!! My mom is down 4, lol, but I suspect she cheats more often than she’s copping to.

Not such good news. My dad’s doctor told him that his kidneys are declining quite a bit. At his age, it should be filtering 70 ml per minute. Right now, he is at 27 (tested before starting keto). They are doing a biopsy. Though keto is not notoriously great for the kidneys, the doctor said to stick with it, because he really needs to lose the weight and his blood pressure is good. 132/84 last time he checked. They suspect the naproxen because he’s been taking 1500 mg a day for years to help with his knee pain. Thankfully my dad decided to start weaning himself down to 500 ml in hopes he can show the damage to his kidneys. The doctor said, if he stays at the same rate of decline, we’re looking at dialysis or a transplant in 5-6 years…

After 3 days off for the holiday, we will be going back to strict keto. Maybe by his biopsy, we can get another 10 lbs off. I am proud of him, he’s working hard, and is cheating less often than I thought he would. He said he’s committed to losing weight.

Now if we could convince his other damn doctor to scope his knee out and replace the other one, maybe we could get him off the pain killers before they kill him :/.

(Laurie) #30

I’m glad they’re doing better!

Please take this for what it’s worth: I have torn menisci, and for 2 years I walked with 2 canes. I did various recommended knee exercises and lower body exercises – the theory being that as the hip and leg muscles get stronger, they can take the strain off the knees. The exercises helped, but not much. Also, they were boring. So I quit doing them. For the most part, I only do exercises I enjoy!

In July, I bought a $400 rebounder (mini trampoline), thinking it would be fun. I did about 45 minutes daily: marching, stepping from side to side, etc. – basic “aerobics class” movements. I’m 68, so jumping was out of the question.

Two months after I’d started rebounding, I misplaced my canes. They were missing for 2 days before I even noticed that I wasn’t using them to get around the house. The improvement to my lower body strength and knee issues was that fast.

I still need the canes sometimes, and I use the electric mobility cart provided by large stores, and my knees still bother me when I overdo it. But I can say the rebounder did wonders for me.

Your father’s problems (and solution) might be quite different, but I felt I should tell you about this. Best wishes.

(Edith) #31

I heard an interview with Dr. Shawn Baker who is an orthopedist, that a lot of his patients no longer needed surgery after going keto and losing weight. Maybe that will happen to your dad.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #32

The same is true for Dr. Gary Fettke, who found that many of his diabetic patients no longer needed amputations if he got them onto a ketogenic diet.


Happy to here to weightloss is going so well for your parents. Hopefully your dad can get off those painkillers. I do not know where you are at but there may be other kidney friendly ways to deal with pain that your dad may try.