Help with protein powder shakes

(Tricia) #1

Does anyone know if drinking protein shakes effects your body’s ability of burning your own fat. I add MCT to keep my macros in check. I’m concerned with what the amino acids could do to burning my body fat for energy. I’m 12 weeks in, lost about 8#. I think I’m fat adapted. Any opinions greatly appreciated! :blush:


Protein shakes are a bit of a grey area. I think it was richard from the two keto dudes that found out that whey protein causes an insulin spike for him where as egg whites did not. The insulin spike will of course prevent you from burning body fat. Its the same case with me so I try to stay away from drinking protein and prioritize on just eating it.


I think a strong rule to follow is do not drink your calories, there is no fiber to slow down the carb release and if protein hits to fast will become fuel and break down into glucose

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #4

You need amino acids. That said, I prefer whole foods, but if you need to make up your macros with whey then that’s what you gotta do.

(Alec) #5

My advice is avoid protein shakes and find some real food.


Nothing wrong with (quality) protein shakes as supplementation. I’d recommend going with a good blend, most blends are a Whey, Casein, Egg blend and gives you both fast and slow proteins. Wouldn’t recommend 100% whey protein in any use case. I have my blend every morning before the gym and a casein only shake every night before bed. Is this supplementation for working out, or just not hitting the goal you set?

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #7

99% of this is supplement industry marketing. All of the effects are exaggerated so your big protein bottle doesn’t collect dust. The blend doesn’t really matter, especially not for the typical everyday human.


What effects specifically are exaggerated? Blend doesn’t matter? Again, specifically how so? Whey is a very fast burning protein which can be insulinogenic, we know this to be true, and why it’s great for protein synthesis, milk and eggs proteins are much slower, again, we know this to be true which is why many on keto are afraid of whey and not of eggs and dairy. For many, like myself the difference in night and day with DOMS and strength gains. I’ve done it both ways, many times. Do you have any credible sites that protein supplementation is only 1% effective? That’s aside from the fact it helps many people hit protein goals that either don’t have a great schedule, or like my wife hates many breakfast foods and makes her own protein/fat shake that she likes the taste of.

(Tricia) #9

I used to drink them frequently before going keto. I’m getting sick of eating eggs, so I thought maybe a protein shake. I use isolate protein. I dont know if that makes a difference, but IMO, it’s not worth the possibility of an insulin spike and delaying my fat burning. :blush:

(Tricia) #10

My protein powder only has 2 carbs with 1 fiber.

(Tricia) #11

Yes, for both working out and getting my protein in without eggs.


If you’re working out I wouldn’t worry about negative effects as long as you’re watching your intake as a whole. If you go with straight whey, I’d take it pre workout, and also remember in the context of muscle building, that insulin (really don’t want to say SPIKE) release helps drive the nutrients into the muscle. It’s not ONLY for making us fat. Gotta take it all in context. Another reason I’m a fan of blends.

(Tricia) #13

Thank you for your reply and help!! :blush:

(Vivek Singh) #14

hey i am new to keto this is my 3rd day and i still feel i couldnt able to fill my protein intake without whey and i started my day with walking in early morning and on alternative day i am also doing gym .

can i they whey in pre workout or not ? apart from what is the effect of CLA on keto ?