Help with body fat


Hi all, hope your all well today?

Iv been Keto for about 2 months now and doing well, iv coupled Keto with 2-4 swimming and gym sessions a week and feeling great.

I’m trying to get my body fat down, I quickly went from my original estimated 23% to around 15% body fat but haven’t seemed to be able to drop below for weeks now.

I’m happy with my weight, iv gone from 11.4 to 10.3 and trying to gain lean mass now but really struggling.

Anything I can do or mix up a little to help reduce body fat and lean gain?

My estimation on body fat is a combination of the gym scales, my own scales with BF measurements and looking at other people’s body profiles so all a bit of a guesstimate.



@Karim_Wassef has been experimenting with how to gain lean mass at the same time as losing fat.

What type of gym workouts are you doing and are you eating adequate protein?


Usually 15 min of heavy rowing, 20/30 of weights then 30 mins of hard swimming, do this usually twice a week then gym or swim once a week depending on how I feel - I also do resistance band training for half hour on non gym days (to help with an old back issue) and 1 day off a week.

I usually go gym in the morning before work the fast until lunch and usually have pretty high protein and higher carb lunch and fatty dinner (carbs I consider higher but limit to 50/70g a day and remain in Keto with my breath test usually 2.*

Thanks for the reply